Dear guests,

Welcome to the Phantasialand summer season of 2014!

Big adventures are awaiting you: Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn! Look forward to the world's steepest drop in a log flume ride and a 6 minute riding experience. Fun is guaranteed on the most advanced log flume ride in the world. Get ready for it!

Book your Vacation to Phantasialand now and save money with the the special-price-packages. Experience one of our award-winning, authentically themed hotels LING BAO or MATAMBA. Book your one of a kind experience now!

Discover our videos


Discover our videos

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  • Chiapas summer spot

  • CHIAPAS - DIE Wasserbahn

  • Video: Asia Nights

  • Der neue Fantissima-Trailer

  • Video: Business to Pleasure-Trailer

  • Video: Fantissima

  • Video: Hotel LING BAO

  • Video: Hotel MATAMBA

  • Phantasialand Sommerspot 2014

  • Video: Berlin

  • Video: Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff

  • Video: Maus au Chocolat

  • Video: Talocan

  • Video: Fantasy

  • Video: Wintertraum im Phantasialand

  • Video: Die Magische Rose

NEW! Phantasialand Channel


NEW! Phantasialand Channel

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  • Magnificent Atmosphere

  • Chiapas Hits

  • Amazing Mexico

  • Breathtaking Impressions

  • Statement Tim Baldwin (American Coaster Enthusiasts, USA)

  • Best of Ride

  • Best of Ride Pre-Opening-Event

  • Statement Jo Pools (European Coaster Club, Belgium)

  • Statement Jeroen Verrezen (IAAPA, USA)

  • Statement Hans van Kilsdonk (, Netherlands)

  • Statement Joris Steppe (Rollercoaster Friends, Belgium)