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Enjoy a vacation on this side of Africa in the Hotel Matamba or satisfy your longing for the Far East in the Hotel Ling Bao - and experience the worldwide unique fusion of adventure hotels and theme park! Only at Phantasialand you have direct access from every hotel to fantastic theme worlds, where your vacation continues seamlessly.

Our tip for the perfect short vacation in July and August: Book a 2-day ticket for Phantasialand with your hotel accommondation and we will give you the third visiting day on top!

Hotel Ling Bao and Hotel Matamba are the best theme hotels 2019!*

*Voted by the Parkscout Publikums Award.

Hotel Ling Bao

Asian zen in the sparkling Orient

Hotel Ling Bao gives you the chance to find your zen! When a magical carpet of glitter settles across the heavenly garden, you have no choice but to let yourself go. Be at one with Buddha. In the colourful splendour of Asia. A wonderful embrace of warming tones. For your well-earned holiday.

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Hotel Matamba

A short break full of African joie de vivre

You’re on safari in Africa. The rhythmic pounding of drums pulses through the air. Children are racing through the savannah. And you’re exploring the festive lights that illuminate the evergreen jungle. That light the path to your own private lodge. That welcome you in with open arms – to the secret heart of Africa.

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Lifestyle & culinary pleasure

Restaurants & Bars in the Hotels

In our four hotel restaurants you can stroll over an Asian food market, experience an African BBQ, enjoy a fine dinner or start the day with an enjoyable brunch. And in our three hotel bars you can toast to special experiences - above the clouds, in paradisiacal Asia or in the heart of Africa.

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Exclusive benefits for hotel guests

Wifi included

In both hotels the free Wifi hotspot "PHL Free WiFi" is available in the lobby and in the rooms.


Breakfact included

Start the day with your breakfast favorites! You have the choice between crispy buns, buttery croissants, a selection of marmelades, sausages, cheeses and a lot more.


Parking included

During your stay, you can park for free in the hotel parking lot.


Direct access to the theme park

Stroll through the paradisiacal hotel gardens directly into Phantasialand - and experience the unique fusion of hotel and theme park.


Pool usage (exclusively for Hotel Ling Bao guests)

Take a bold leap into the refreshing water of the heated indoor and outdoor pool at the Hotel Ling Bao.

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