Frequently asked questions

Is the park entrance already included in the arrangement price (e.g. Winterliches Burgfest)?

Yes, the price of your winter event already includes admission to the park. Your guests can ride all the attractions, enjoy our winter shows and spend a wonderful day in winterly Phantasialand before going to the respective party location in the evening. With our brunch arrangements, your culinary experience begins in the morning and Phantasialand is afterwards waiting to be discovered by you.

Which attractions are open in winter?

In winter, all attractions, with the exception of selected water attractions, are open for you. Due to the weather, however, attractions may have to be closed at short notice.

What happens if it rains or snows?

Around 70 percent of our attractions are covered and offer adventure and excitement in all weathers!

Where can I leave any luggage in the park?

There are lockers in various places in the park which can be used by your guests. The lockers are separately marked in our Park Guide.
Tip: If you have booked an arrangement with an evening event, find a locker near your event location so that you can pick up your luggage later.

Is there a changing room to change the outfit?

You're welcome to change in the toilets. Please note that we do not have changing rooms.

Where do I park on arrival for my winter event?

In principle, all visitors of a winter event can use our parking spaces P1 (Mystery) and P2 (China Town). On arrival you will be allocated a parking space by our traffic service staff.

Guests who have booked the arrangement "A Night Like This" or the "Familien-Winterbrunch" at the event location STOCK's can park in parking space P3 (Berlin), depending on availability.

Parking spaces are also available for groups arriving by bus. Please follow the instructions of our traffic service staff.

Where will my winter event take place?
Is there an overview plan for orientation?

For orientation every guest can take our park guide at the entrance to the park. An overview of the park, including our event locations of the arrangements with evening events, will be available here from November.

Is there a dress code for the winter events?

There is no dress code for the winter arrangements. If you have booked Fantissima in the evening, we recommend a classically elegant wardrobe, so that you feel comfortable in the stylish ambience of the theatre.

Can guests join us later or in the evening?

All entrances are open until 8 p.m., so that late arrivals can join the arrangements with an evening event. From 8 pm the park can only be entered via the entrance China Town. Please note that Berliner Straße will be closed between 7 pm and 8 pm for security reasons so that preparations can be made for our evening fireworks. If you have chosen a brunch arrangement, we recommend an arrival during the brunch opening hours so that you don't miss out on your culinary experience.

What happens if the final show "The Magic Rose - Spirit of Light" is cancelled?

Should our winter show be cancelled due to bad weather conditions, we will communicate this in time at Kaiserplatz. Guests of an arrangement with an evening event can then go to their respective location 30 minutes earlier (at 7:30 pm).

Is there a shuttle for all guests?

Your guests can use our regular Phantasialand Shuttle from 30 minutes before the opening of the park and up to 75 minutes after the closing of the park at a fare of € 3.00 (departure from the train stations "Brühl-Mitte" (KVB line 18) and the DB train station "Brühl").

Can the park be left in between so that the guests can change their clothes if necessary?

Your guests can of course leave the park in between. Please make sure that you get a stamp at the entrance so that you can enter the park again at the same entrance.

Can the location be changed after dinner when booking an arrangement with an evening event, e.g. to a location where a party is offered?

Each group books an arrangement with a fixed program, a change in the evening is unfortunately not possible. You are welcome to end the evening at the Dragon Bar in the Hotel Ling Bao.

How do I leave the park after my winter dream event is over?

If you have booked an arrangement with an evening event, we ask you and your guests to leave the park after the end of your event exclusively through the exit China Town. If you have parked your car in car park P1 (Mystery), you can use a direct link between the exit China Town and car park P1 (Mystery). Our winter arrangement "A Night Like This" at STOCK's and the arrangements in our hotels Matamba and Ling Bao are located outside the park anyway. Guests of our brunch arrangements can leave Phantasialand after closing time via all regular entrances and exits.