Restaurants & Bars

Set off on a global journey of culinary discovery

Culinary highlights and exquisite delicacies are guaranteed thanks to Phantasialand’s outstanding,
award-winning kitchen team.
From live cooking and a buffet with butler-style service to a creative 6-course menu: Set off on an African culinary safari, savour the delights of Far Eastern cuisine or enjoy a wonderful vegetarian meal. At our over 13 bars and restaurants,
we promise guests a phantastic feast for all your senses, no matter what your tastes.
All food is freshly prepared and served in style.

You can also book out our restaurants for exclusive use with a menu of your favourite dishes and drinks.

Restaurants in our hotels Matamba and ling bao

Restaurant Zambesi

Live cooking in a feel-good African setting.

Total space: 470 m² | Capacity: 244 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Restaurant Bantu

An exotic culinary adventure where you can treat your taste buds to our exquisite delicacies.

Total space: 130 m² | Capacity: 64 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Restaurant Bamboo

Authentic Asian décor makes this restaurant rich in colour.

Total space: 170 m² | Capacity: 160 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Restaurant Lu Chi

A very exclusive setting for a very special evening.

Total space: 135 m² | Capacity: 50 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Restaurants at the park

Tapas-Bar Cocorico

Treat yourself to some South American delicacies and outstanding Argentinian wines.

Total space: Approx. 70 m² | Capacity: 50 people | Park area: Mexico

Rutmor's Taverne

Follow the delicious scent of lush and hearty delicacies and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the guilt tavern.

Capacity: 70 people | Park area: Klugheim/Mystery

Restaurant Mandschu

Original Chinese artwork cultivates the elegant atmosphere at Mandschu restaurant.

Total space: 467 m² | Capacity: 158 people | Location: China Town

Restaurant Unter den Linden

This is where our guests decide what they want to eat.

Total space: 372 m² | Capacity: 230 people | Location: Berlin

Bars in the Matamba and Ling Bao hotels

Jafari Bar

At the exotic Jafari bar, you don’t have to dream about the far-off African savannah – you can experience it for yourself!

Total space: 135 m² | Capacity: 97 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Dragon Bar

Elegance high above the roof tops in the town of pagodas.

Total space: 100 m² | Capacity: 60 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Li River Bar

A warm, crackling fire and cosy armchairs make this hotel bar the ideal spot to unwind.

Total space: 155 m² | Capacity: 97 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

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