Silverado Theatre


1,200 people

Total space

950 m²

Stage size

16 m x 10 m

Park area


Showdown in the Colorado Mountains

Beneath a panorama of imposing mountains and between the stone arches, a set of steps lead you up to the Silverado Theatre, one of the largest in Phantasialand. You enter the theatre from the top where you will get an immediate view over the impressive stage and scenery. Imagine it now: The spotlights go on, beams of light move through the audience, deep bass notes get the adrenaline pumping, the tension starts to rise. Bravo!

At Silverado Theatre, you can look forward to outstanding acoustics, top-class equipment and state-of-the-art event technology.

Ideal for: Meetings, congresses, symposiums, event launches, meeting breaks, creative interludes, opening events, sales meetings, sales days, corporate celebrations, fashion shows, kick-off events


The venue at a glance

Surface area
950 m²
Max. capacity 1,200 people
16 m x 10 m
Ceiling height9 m
LocationMexico park area


Did you know...?

This theatre can hold up to 1,250 people and is the ideal location for an entertaining launch, a spectacular interlude or a fun celebration to close your event.

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*Chosen at Parkscout Publikums Award 2017.