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Current information to the coronavirus

Due to the current situation, our restaurants will remain closed until approx. April 19, 2020.


The food market

Restaurant Bamboo

A foodie-festival-style experience. Beneath colourful Tibetan flags. Surrounded by lucky Chinese knots and immersed in the enticing aroma of Asian cuisine. Head to this food market for your own personal tasting tour – and feel the spirit of the Far East!

Children are especially welcome in the restaurant Bamboo! Here you will find your own food station with your favorite dishes at eye level and then conquer the games room next door.

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Casual fine dining

Restaurant Lu Chi

Sunset in the arms of Buddha. Inspiring fusion cooking. And service that is everything you could wish for and more. Visitors to restaurant Lu Chi fall in love with the charming service, luxurious approach to cooking and exquisite wine list – all the makings of a phantastic dinners. Casual and fine.

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The african barbecue

Restaurant Zambesi

As the compelling rhythm of drums plays in the background, Potjekoes stew bubbles away in cast iron pans here at restaurant Zambesi. Zebra and ostrich roast over the fire. And you enjoy a joy-filled African barbecue – with all your loved ones and a pinch of Chakalaka!

In the restaurant Zambesi children are especially welcome! Here you will find your favorite dishes at eye level and then climb through the savannah passage next door or discover the Watoto children's fun.

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The African Barbecue

Restaurant Bantu

A grand lodge within the evergreen jungle. Wooden masks and warming colours. Accompanied by the aroma of exotic specialities. A trip to restaurant Bantu makes for an authentic African experience – where you can sip on sun-kissed wines alongside your African fire pot!

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Please always book your table in advance – even if you are staying in the hotel. Simply choose your restaurant online and book.

Reserved tables will be kept free for 15 min. max.

Reserved tables will be kept free for 15 min. max.

Reserved tables will be kept free for 15 min. max.

Reserved tables will be kept free for 15 min. max.

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Relax and unwind

Bars in the experience hotels

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with our hotel bars! Be it with the funky vibes up on the roof, the colourful glitz of Asia or the joy at the heart of Africa. They all serve their own unique spin on bar food as well as professionally prepared drinks – so there’s nothing left but to relax.

The perfect start to the day

Brunch in Phantasialand

Sample the flavour of Asia or taste the spirit of Africa – at one of our Sunday brunches! Entry to Phantasialand is included in the price!

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Fall in love with the charm of Africa or Asia – and explore the dining options at Phantasialand resort.