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Incredible culinary experiences at our phantastic theme worlds

A hearty lunch platter in a rustic tavern, exquisite tapas in joyful Mexico and world-class ice creams in Berlin: The award-winning restaurants and snack bars at Phantasialand serve an international menu as eclectic and colourful as our theme worlds!

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Treats just like your grandma used to love

Rutmor's Taverne

Fall in love with the honest cuisine on offer in the heart of Klugheim. From a gulash soup served in a cob of bread to the sumptuous lunch plate and fluffy Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, Rutmor serves a wide range of traditional German delicacies in his tavern!

Find out about Rutmor's Taverne!

Tapas & Paella

Tapas Bar Cocorico

The beating culinary heart of Mexico! You won’t find anywhere better to enjoy the huge array of tapas plates, fresh paella and aromatic Serrano ham than this bar with its views over lively Plaza de Mariachi!

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Barista-style coffee and speciality snacks

Lilli's Café

Full-bodied speciality coffee and bread rolls as good as any baker: You’re sure to be tempted by the rich scent of coffee and aroma of freshly baked rolls, inviting you to enjoy the perfect pit-stop in the chic ambience of this art deco café.

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Asian cuisine and live cooking

Mandschu Restaurant

Fresh crisp spring rolls, Beijing delicacies or vegan specialities: freshly prepared before your eyes and carefully refined with Asian herbs and spices, this restaurant in the heart of China Town brings Asian cuisine to life!

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Delicious burgers and crisp salads

Tacana Snack Restaurant

Looking for a little piece of Mexico? Then Tacana is the place for you! Fancy a hamburger? A cheeseburger? A double-cheeseburger? Or what about our fiery Chiapas Grande? Not such an easy choice. Once you’ve selected your burger, you can then add a refreshing soft drink, tasty fries, and a crisp salad.

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Food stations and amazing pasta

Unter den Linden Restaurant

Treat your taste buds in the wintry flair of the 1920s! Whether you feel like croissants for breakfast, a delicious pasta dish for lunch or a small schnitzel for dinner: you can choose whatever you fancy from our food stations.

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Rich ice creams

Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich

In the toasty warm surrounds at Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich, you can enjoy soft, creamy creations. Situated on the edge of Kaiserplatz square, you can sample creamy vanilla ice cream with mini marshmallows, lick on a “Domino” or discover the chocolatey side of Drago...

Find out about Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich!
Culinary delight in Berlin

Waffle bakery

Do you fancy something sweet? Delicious fresh waffles and treats.

Explore the waffle bakery

Kaiser Snack

Bratwurst & Co., chicken nuggets, french fries and beverages.

Discover Kaiser Snack!

Heino's café house

Cakes from our own pastry shop.

Discover Heino's café house

Culinary delight in Mystery

Kornmüller's Crêpes

Crepes with different fillings.

Discover Kornmüller's Crêpes!


Ice cold beer freshly tapped on tap.

Discover the Humpenbude!

Heisser Baldur

Tarte flambée in different variations.

Discover the Heisser Baldur!

Culinary delight in Mexico

Focaccia Mexico

Various focaccia specialties: Traditionally served cold - also available warm on request. Plus nachos and beverages.

Discover Focaccia Mexico!

Churros Mexico

Churros with cinnamon and sugar, chocolate, gingerbread and almond flavor.

Discover Churros Mexico!

La Dulce

Fresh fruits with or without chocolate, freshly squeezed juices, frozen yogurt, milk shakes and coffee specialties.

Discover La Dulce!

Las Rocas Eis-Shop

Exclusive ice cream specialties in giant cones and ice cream sandwiches.

Discover the Las Rocas Ice cream shop!

Hot Dogs Mexico

Hot Dogs und tortilla chips with various dips & beverages.

Discover Hot Dog Mexico!

Culinary delight in China Town

China Snack

fried noodles, spring rools, crab sandwiches and chinese snack specialities.

Discover China Snack!

Süsswaren China

Crêpes, chocolate covered fruits, almonds and other sweet delights.

Discover Süsswaren China!

Soft served ice cream China

Soft served ice cream und various creations with toppings, sauces and fresh fruits.

Discover Soft served ice cream China

Culinary delight in Fantasy

Schwan Snack

Homestyle-fries creations with fresh dips and toppings, bratwurst. french fries, chicken nuggets and beverages.

Discover Schwan Snack!

Snack Wuze Town Kinderland

Chicken Nuggets, french fries and beverages

Discover Snack Wuze Town Kinderland

Culinary delight in Deep in Africa
Phantasialand Achterbahn Inverted Coaster Black Mamba

Baobab Snack

Enjoy African delicacies such as kebab, turkey kebabs, a rice pan or falafel
in the middle of a lively, colorful African village.

Discover Baobab Snack


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