Heavenly ice cream creations

Eis café Annie Himmelreich

A real treat for the taste buds – guests at Annie Himmelreich’s ice cream parlour will go home in no doubt of her passion and talent for this delicious creamy delight. Ice cream is her life. From sundaes and speciality flavours to every possible combination of this cool summer treat mixed with fresh cherries, strawberries, chocolate or cream. She puts her heart and soul into everything she makes, plus a bit of magic for all those sweet tooths out there.

Enjoy your ice cream while soaking up the sights over Kaiserplatz, the Wellenflug wave swinger, and the mesmerising fountains. As soon as the first drop of ice cream melts onto your tongue, you will have a smile on your face to last the whole day through.

Manu Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich

Enjoy stracciatella and vanilla with a view of the lively Kaiserplatz square - or let us taste one of the imaginative sundaes!

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How to find Eis café Annie Himmelreich

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On our interactive parking map you will find the ice cream parlor Annie Himmelreich immediately and can roam through Berlin and all our other theme worlds from there!

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