Urban. Stylish. Delicious.

Lilli's Café

Full-bodied coffee specialties and delicious sandwiches: Lilli's Café invites you to a one-of-a-kind coffee break in urban Berlin.

Espresso with dark crema, latte macchiato finished with your favorite topping or delicious cappuccino - at Lilli's Café freshly ground coffee unfolds its intense aroma. The homemade bread is baked according to ancient German traditions. The wide selection includes crusty baguette or hearty rye topped with roast beef and pastrami or smoked salmon and avocado.

Be seduced by the flowery coffee aromas and the scent of fresh bread and enjoy the perfect coffee break in a chic ambience with Art Nouveau flair!

How to find Lilli's Café

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On our interactive parking map you will find Lilli's café immediately and can roam from there through Berlin and all our other theme worlds!

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