Rutmor's Taverne

Hearty feast


The cheerful restaurant invites you to stop for a sociable bite to eat. Visitors can enjoy the hospitality of the people of Klugheim with clinking tankards and be spoilt with its clever residents' culinary skills.

Take a seat at one of the massive wooden tables decorated with beautiful wood carvings and enjoy the rustic feel-good atmosphere. With the hum of cheerful village life outside, we will serve you a wonderfully hearty array of cold cuts, tasty potato soup or strong goulash soup in a crusty loaf of bread, hot bacon and potato salad with sweet mustard and many other delicious surprises from Grandma's days.

Rutmor's Taverne Menu

Sumptuous cold cuts, goulash soup in a crusty loaf of bread and hot bacon and potato salad with sweet mustard as well as many other delicacies from Grandma's days are waiting for you!

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How to find Rutmor's Taverne Restaurant

Park map

On our interactive parking map you will find Rutmor's Tavern immediately and can roam through Mystery and all our other theme worlds from there!

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