Mexican tapas

Tapas-Bar Cocorico

Stepping into this friendly tapas bar is like stepping into a wonderful holiday. Sit back, relax and soak up the warm, Mediterranean atmosphere. Large legs of Serrano ham dangle down from the ceiling, filling the air with a rich, delicious scent. In summer, the terrace is the ideal spot to while away some time while enjoying a stunning view over the Plaza de Mariachi.

There is no missing the Mediterranean flair of the cuisine either. With a delicious selection of tapas, golden paellas, and an array of wines and zesty cocktails. All that’s left for us to say now is ¡buen provecho!

Menu Cocorico

Put together delicious tapas plates or look forward to glowing yellow paella. A selection of sun-kissed wines and sparkling cocktails and we only say ¡buen provecho!

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How to find Tapas Bar Cocorico Restaurant

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On our interactive parking map you will find the tapas bar Cocorico immediately and can roam from there through Mexico and all our other theme worlds!

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