Cast & Crew

THE show. the Dinner. Your experience.

The journey from the very first idea to the finished show is a long one. Fantissima is a unique all-encompassing experience where guests enjoy a show full of passion, world-class entertainment and culinary magic. All this takes a lot of hard work and effort from a team of creative individuals working together in perfect harmony.

Meet our team and get a glimpse behind the scenes of life at Fantissima!

Manuela Löffelhardt

From the initial idea to spectacular perfection.
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Sergiy Nasonov

The heart of JB Dance Company.
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Tetyana Denysova

The creative brains behind JB Dance Company.
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Vitalii Savchenko

One of the many creative heads behind the choreographies.

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Volodymyr Nekrasov

From overwhelming pieces of music to soft tones.

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Mona Farrag

Costumes that take on a life of their own.
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JB Dance Company

Ilya Viarmenich

JB Dance Company

Kateryna Prokopova

JB Dance Company

Roman Moroz

JB Dance Company

Anastasiia Barer

JB Dance Company

Ruslan Tavdishvili

JB Dance Company

Viktoriia Tiahla

JB Dance Company

Glib Zelgin

JB Dance Company

Nataliia Bulatova

JB Dance Company

Aleksei Terentev

JB Dance Company

Mariia Deli

JB Dance Company

Melody makers

Volodymyr Nekrasov (Electric guitar & Trumpet), Oleksandr Kutiev (Trombone), Alina Geleveria (Saxophone), Dmytro Perchevskyi (Bass), Iurii Geleveria (Drums), Mykyta Holoborodko (Piano)

Anastasija Zmaher


James Smith


Tumar KR

Robot Kontorsion


Maksym & Denys


Maksym Zhygaltsov
Denys Zhygaltsov

Vladyslav Hubenko

Strapaten Act

Vladyslav Hubenko

Duo Beleriand

Roller Skating

Maykoll Antonio Campaneria Mejias
Leslie beatriz suarez galera

Eisuke Saito


eisuke sato

Anastasiia & Olha


Ananstasiia bazavlutska
olha omelchenko

Duo Nigretai


Jessica Alexandre da silva
kaue rodrigo soares santos silva

Torsten Hoffmeister

Taking our guests on a journey of gastronomic delight!
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Nana David

Product development menu

Spyridon Fotiou

Inspired by our visitors’ applause!
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Uwe Nerlich

Running the show with style!
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Melissa Blattner

Service Team Leader

Kitchen team:
Soufian Bouyarden, Kevin Hartnack, Raimund Vennemann and the crew

Melissa Blattner and the crew

Chef de Bar:
Ebru Arslan

Michael Laß

Working with Thomass Hoss, Michael Laß always hits the right note!
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Markus Fuchs

To him, music is a passion!

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Show costumes & Wardrobe:
Simon Dahlbüdding

Stage equipment:
Nijaz Selimovic

Stage Manager:
Marvin Siersleben

Marvin Siersleben, Gábor Domokos, Sehsamil Cirkin

Thomas Hoss

Light Design:
Markus Fuchs

Jens Friedrich

Video content:
Jean Hardy, Hajo Rappe, Simone Lambertz,

Annette Pieck

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