Manuela Löffelhardt

Artistic Director

Anyone who has experienced Fantissima for themselves will leave impressed by the team spirit, professionalism and passion that binds everyone involved. Every member of the team exudes the magical feeling you get when you are part of something great. The key figure behind this solidarity and team spirit is Manuela Löffelhardt. Music, costumes, lights and dancers – Manuela Löffelhardt has her eye on it all and works closely with the team at every stage. Her mission is to come up with new ideas to take your breath away during Fantissima and bring these ideas to life with a team of dedicated individuals. With finesse and the drive to create the perfect show, she applies her extensive experience and gift for drawing the best performance from our brilliant artists and musicians. No wonder she manages to touch our guests’ hearts time and time again.

She is much more than just the Artistic Director for Fantissima and all the other shows at Phantasialand. Manuela Löffelhardt is the heart and soul of our team and the driving force behind our shows. From the very first idea to the present, she has created and curated every single one of our shows.