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Germany's most successfull Dinnershow

„From top to toe everything is homemade“

Costume designer Mona Farrag creates Fantissima´s costumes since 2008. Every year anew with incomparable creativity and plenty of passion.

Passion for cooking in each and every detail

Torsten Hoffmeister has been in charge of all gastronomy at Phantasialand for 15 years now. This chef is anything but ordinary! With his creativity, expertise and mouth-watering ideas, he comes up with new dishes for Fantissima every single year to match the magical show both in terms of diversity and quality.

Four courses – one unique entity

The 4-course menue will spoil you under the slogan „Famous delicacies newly interpreted“!

Fantissima's heart and soul

To understand the tremendous and fascinating effords behind the scenes of Fantissima – meet artistic director Manuela Löffelhardt and her creative team.

Infusion of light and movement, ambiance and joy of life!

 „Entertainment at the highest stage!“

„Rocking, passionated and captivating in every way!“

                                                              "Entertainment, pleasure and life style."

„Artists who transfer their enthusiasm to the audience in every second.“

"Fantissima would have been a real pleasure for Jay Gatsby!"

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See it with your own eyes and get overwhelmed when experiencing Fantissima!

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In order to let you enjoy the magic moments and culinary delights equally and with full attention we will serve the four-course menue in between the show periods.


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Get to know the artists and the team behind Fantissima.
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