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Welcome to the magic of Africa! Enjoy an unforgettable short break with your friends and family at Phantasialand. Hotel Matamba is a family hotel that awakens a longing for the fascinating continent and will instantly satisfy your adventurous yearning to see far off places!

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Rooms & suites

You can experience your dream African home whilst enjoying all the benefits of western standards in our rooms and suites.


For the young guests the WATOTO kids’ fun has already started behind the tall palms in the foyer, with a large indoor and outdoor adventure play area that offers a huge amount of space to play, romp about and experience new things.
This is where the children can climb and throw balls at each other.

Whilst the young ones go on an African safari adventure and try out their skills on the fantastic climbing course in the savannah, the adults can relax with a warming drink in the Jafari Bar.


MOYO, our happy mascot can hardly wait to play games with the little ones.

WATOTO kids’ fun

The WATOTO kid’s fun begins behind the tall palms in the foyer. This is where the children can climb and throw balls at each other.

Kids’ buffet

Big adventures make you hungry! Just for you, there is a special children’s buffet with lots of delicious things to eat at breakfast time and for your evening meal.

Adventure garden

Keep going, past the giraffes in the savannah, across a fantastic climbing course and out into the tropical gardens.

Restaurants & Bars

Our restaurants will carry your taste buds off to the vast continent of Africa. Its exceptional food is as varied as the continent. Exotic, fresh, creative and inspirational - simply delicious!

Did you know...?

African priests blessed the building before it was opened in 2008. On the day, heavy rains descended but when the festive ceremony began, the clouds suddenly opened up and the African sun was able to make its proverbial entry into the hotel.

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