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CHIAPAS - DIE Wasserbahn

Go on an action-packed expedition that is fun-filled and a real thrill when you ride on the world’s most modern log flume. Amongst the roaring waterfalls, the deep gorges and thousands of plants, Chiapas, THE log flume, will give you a total, fantastic experience for all your senses that you can only find in Phantasialand!

Terms of Use:

  • Minimum height: 1.20 m
  • Must be accompanied: between 1.20 m and 1.30 m

Terms of Use (PDF)

Please note: In extreme weather conditions and at temperatures below 0 °C operation is not possible.

Did you know...?

The ride lasts an impressive 6 minutes and during this time you will hurtle downwards 3 times! With its 53° drop it is the steepest descent in a log flume and unrivalled worldwide. Watch out - you’re going to get really wet!