Wintery treats


New Meatballs and veggies: Veal, beef or pork meatball, veggie meatball with a side of hearty vegetables

Potato specialities: Farmer’s skillet with or without bacon.

Home style french fries: Delicious home style frnch fries with different toppings.

Grilled Salmon: Flame-grilled salmon with baguette, potatoes with sea salt or in a wrap.

Roasted chestnuts: Wonderfully aromatic hot chestnuts directly from the oven.


Punch specialities: Mulled wine, mulled cider, punch, hot Hugo and cocoa.

Soups & Kale hotpot: Goulash served in a loaf of bread, vegetable stew, lentil stew and kale hotpot.

Grill specialities: Crispy roasts, meatloaf & bratwurst in a bun.

Kaiserschmarrn & Crêpes: Fresh Crêpes and Kaiserschmarrn.

Lilli's Café

Barista coffee and snack spacialities – Full-bodied coffee specialties and delicious sandwiches: Lilli's Café invites you to a one-of-a-kind coffee break in urban Berlin.

Discover Lilli's Café!

Restaurant unter den Linden

Buffet restaurant with food stations: From delicious Italian pastas and small (or large) Schnitzels.

Dsicover Restaurant Unter den Linden!

Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich

From sundaes and speciality flavours to every possible combination of this cool treat mixed with fresh cherries, strawberries, chocolate or cream.

Discover Eis-Café Annie Himmelreich!


Fancy something sweet? Tasty waffles and delicious sweet treats.

Kaiser Snack

Grilled sausage, chicken nuggets, chips and drinks.

Heino's Kaffeehaus

Unwind with sweet cake buffet delights from the café’s own patisserie and various coffee specialities.

Wintry treats Themed world Klugheim


Bratwurst and roasts
Bratwurst, roast

Punch specialities
A variety of mulled wines, blueberry punch, and mulled punch.


Rutmor's Taverne

Wonderfully hearty array of cold cuts, tasty potato soup or strong goulash soup in a crusty loaf of bread, hot bacon and potato salad with sweet mustard and many other delicious surprises from Grandma's days.

Discover Rutmor's Taverne!

Kornmüller's Crêpes

Crêpes with different fillings.


Chilled beer served directly from the keg.

Heisser Baldur

Tarte flambés in different forms.

Tapas-Bar Cocorico


Delicious selection of tapas, golden paellas,
and an array of wines and zesty cocktails.




Tacana Snack Restaurant

Fancy a hamburger? A cheeseburger? A double-cheeseburger? Or what about our fiery Chiapas Grande? Not such an easy choice.

Discover Tacana Snack-Restaurant!

La Dulce

Fresh fruit with or without chocolate, fresh juices, frozen yoghurt, milk shakes and coffee specialities.

Las Rocas Eis-Shop

Selected ice cream specialities and delicious sundaes.

Churros Mexico

Churros with cinnamon or chocolate.

Focaccia Mexico

Variety of Italian focaccia, nachos and drinks.

Hot Dogs Mexico

Hot dogs and tortilla chips with different dips and drinks.

Punch specialities

Mulled wine, hot Hugo, punch and cocoa.


Sweet pretzel made from yeast dough, puff pastry tartlets with vanilla.

Baobab Snack

Enjoy african delights like kebab, turkey skewers, rice dishes and falafel
right in the middle of a vivid african town.

Restaurant Mandschu

Extraordinary Chinese dishes with the refined taste of Asian spices are prepared fresh, right before your eyes.



China Snack

Asian noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers.

Chocolate fruits & sweet treats

Crêpes, chocolate fruits, almonds, and other sweet treats.

Softeis China

Soft ice cream and delicious ice cream creations with toppings, sauces and fresh fruit.

Punch specialities

Mulled wine, hot Hugo and punch varieties for old and young.

Schwan Snack

Bratwurst, french fries, chicken nuggets and drinks

Snack Wuze Town Kinderland

French fries, chicken nuggets and drinks.

Punch specialities

Mulled wine and punch varieties for old and young.

Crêpes Fantasy

Crêpes with different fillings.