Available for you again in summer season 2020.






interactive water-attraction


Outdoor attraction


Climb into the Water-Wuze patrol boat and have a great adventure on Lake Mondsee with this interactive water attraction. You will go through the lush aquatic landscape and tall reeds around the old observatory where you will embark on your journey of discovery.

The Wuze water guns will not only help you to clean the Wuze ancestral commemorative stones, but you will also be able to drive away the frogs, because (and all visitors to Baumbergen should note this): You can never trust a frog stone!

Terms of Use:

  • Children who are less than 1.20 m tall can only go on this ride if accompanied by an adult.

Terms of Use (PDF)

Did you know...?

When you cross the bridge you come to a strange island with small patrol boats sailing to and from it. The Wuze folk call these boats “Wakobato”. They sail to the numerous commemorative stones on the lake. But because there are so many, the Wuze folk need our help to keep them all clean.