You will find two unique themed hotels in Phantasialand. In the African Hotel MATAMBA you will embark on a journey into the lively world of the fascinating continent. The Asian Hotel LING BAO will transport you to China and immerse you and all your senses into this magnificent oasis of peace and tranquillity.
Now you have the ordeal of choosing: African adventure or a break in the Far East?

In any event, every part of you will enjoy your stay!

Did you know...?

If you are staying at the Hotel LING BAO look high up to the roof of the Mandala spa. Can you see a small, round mirror? This means that if a demon is approaching it will see itself in the mirror, be terrified by its own appearance and turn back on the spot. 

Adventure does not necessarily mean that you have to do without comfort and amenities. After an eventful day, your body and mind will be longing to recover, so grant yourself a well-earned break!

Have a look at the hotel amenities:

Child care

MOYO takes care of the atmosphere at the Hotel Matamba and PAU LI , the friendly dragon keeps the little ones busy at the Hotel LING BAO.

Mandala Spa

The massages and the body and facial treatments at the Hotel LING BAO will bring your mind and body back into harmony.

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Dare to take a brave leap into the refreshing water of the heated indoor and outdoor pools at the Hotel LING BAO.

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Room Service

At Hotel LING BAO you can enjoy our culinary services in your room. Spoil yourself! 

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