Enjoy the moment

First of all, if you have a sweet tooth you will find everything here that will make your heart beat faster.
And that is just the beginning of your enjoyable journey. Take a break from everyday life with a relaxing massage,
listen to the wonderful melodies and your mind will already be on its travels.

And speaking of travelling - if you want to do that, you don’t have to go that far when you are staying with us.
Africa, Mexico and Asia are only a few metres away from each other!
You will see: You will find an abundance of enjoyable experiences here.

Find out for yourself and take your senses on a journey of discovery.

Food & Drink

We won’t only whisk you off to fascinating worlds, we will also use every trick in the book to tempt you with our food! Are you ready to go on a culinary expedition? 

Ice cream

Fancy an ice cream? Unforgettable ice cream treats await you in our Annie Himmelreich ice cream parlour and the Las Rocas ice cream shop.

Cocorico tapas bar

This is where you can buy tapas, tortillas and tacos. But don’t eat as fast as Speedy Gonzales. “Enjoyment” is our motto!


Who doesn’t love them? This Spanish sweet temptation is served either with a chocolate dipping sauce or with cinnamon and sugar. Muchas Gracias!

Buffet dinner

You can look forward to a large choice of food to enjoy in our hotel restaurants.

Sunday brunch adventure

discover now!