Who actually looks forward to receiving “gifts” that are useful and, oh so practical? Forget those boring things and give a bit of adventure, enjoyment and relaxation.

Give your loved ones the most unforgettable moments!

No holiday should be without souvenirs and gifts! This is for all those shopping kings and queens who want to remember their visit to Phantasialand for a long time. 

 If you do not want to carry all the bags with you, we have someting special for you! The purchases you've made will be provided with a number and delivered to the exit you will choose when your are leaving for your drive home. If you are staying at the Hotel LING BAO or MATAMBA you will find your purchases at the reception. After 5:00pm your purchases are waiting for you at the hotel or at the exit of your choice.

Did you know...?

There is an ATM in the Berlin area of the Sparkasse KölnBonn. You can withdraw cash here without any problems.