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Crazy Bats - the new attraction at Phantasialand

VR headset on and off you go into the adventure: Experience the fast-paced adventure of three crazy bats on a cool mission in a unique interplay of roller coaster and animated film!

Immerse yourself in a completely new experience on the world's longest VR roller coaster!



Crazy bats – iCE COLD facts

Technology of the latest generation

The VR headset with super high-resolution adjusts fully automatically and is very easy to put on. They provide an extremely sharp and wonderfully simple virtual adventure for young and old.

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Animated film in cinematic quality

The Crazy Bats film was produced by animation experts Ambient Entertainment as an all round experience in the best cinematic quality. To discover more and more fantastic details on the rapid mission.

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A particularly long and fun ride

With its 4 minutes of film experience Crazy Bats is the longest VR coaster in the world. Perfect to immerse yourself fully into the action-packed story of the three Crazy Bats.

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Innovative new sound experience

Integrated headphones on the VR headset along with a specially composed soundtrack and innumerable sound effects ensure perfect immersion.

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The Story



What happens when three Crazy Bats really do their utmost in a mysterious castle so that you like them? It gets action-packed, funny and really cool.


Let us introduce: The Crazy Bats: Three bats, as crazy as they are funny. As cheeky as they are clumsy. As adventurous as they are cute. They live together in a magnificent castle with long hallways and ornate rooms - until you turn their world upside down. For as soon as you enter the castle they only have one thing on their mind: You!


The three little heroes want to win your favour - each one for themselves of course for nobody wants to share! They try to outdo each other with more and more presents. And this in their very own bat manner: pleasant, romantic, funny - and unfortunately also quite scatty. For the three funny fellows would not be the Crazy Bats if things didn’t go wrong from the very beginning. Instead of presenting you with a magic snowflake, they bestow a huge ice age on the whole castle. The adorable clumsy fellows freeze everything by mistake - even you!


And as if that weren’t enough, you suddenly slide through the whole castle at rapid speed, frozen inside a huge block of ice - and the bats come with you. Because now what counts is getting you out of the ice as quickly as possible!  By hook or by crook. The excited little fellows leave no opportunity untried to conquer the block of ice. But time is running out...


Will the Crazy Bats succeed in freeing you from the ice during the daring roller coaster ride? Have the three crazy heroes learnt from their mistakes and will they win your favour in the end?


Find out and be right in the middle of the cheeky bats’ rapid mission in Crazy Bats, the new VR experience for the whole family in Phantasialand!

Terms of use for the attraction

Ideal family adventure

Heroes big and small can experience this VR roller coaster fun from a height of 1.20m upwards. Use of the attraction without VR headset from a height of 1m upwards.
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Use of the attraction without additional costs

This great VR family coaster is completely included in your entry ticket - no extra costs!

Just there in the middle using the most modern technology

Our VR headset is more easy to put on and adjust than any other - thanks to world-wide unique VR technology of the latest generation! Come and discover what makes our VR headset so unique.

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