Ice cold facts

Technology of the latest generation

At Phantasialad we use the best and most up-to-date technology in Crazy Bats. From the VR headset to the 3D animated film, a system of the latest generation, which was further developed for us, ensures you get the perfect experience!

Imagine this: You just put on a VR headset with headphones and are immediately in the middle of the adventure - no, you’re even a part of it!

Our VR headset: Just brilliant

With our latest generation VR headset you have an extremely sharp picture of all the fantastic details in the world of the Crazy Bats! Two very high resolution displays provide you with the perfect view. And the special lenses with their specific finish always ensure the right focus!

Many previous VR coasters used headsets with built-in smartphones. This wasn’t an option for us because smartphones are very prone to failure and don’t provide a satisfactory picture quality. So for that reason you will find the further developed VR headset with integrated displays at Phantasialand - and you have the perfect view!

Headset on and off you go into the adventure!

Your adventurous ride on Crazy Bats can begin immediately! For there is a VR system built into the station which, contrary to previously used systems, works fully automatically. The camera system captures your VR headset using motion capture technology as soon as you are sitting in the carriage - and ensures that the picture in the direction of travel is oriented straight ahead!

With us, you always sit in the front row!

We have produced not one but all of three variations of the 3D animated film for your unforgettable mission with the Crazy Bats. Ultimately the feel of the ride is very different if you sit at the front, in the middle or at the back of the train. By means of these three variations, in our long trains, you always watch the perfectly coordinated film at any time and from every seat!


Animated film in cinematic quality

In Crazy Bats a 3D animated film in best cinematic quality meets the longest indoor roller coaster in the world - a unique combination!

More than a cinema film

It’s true that producing Crazy Bats was even more complex than producing a cinema film! For the producers at Ambient Entertainment this meant: They had to produce more pictures than for a cinema film. And these pictures also have a much higher resolution: An incredible one billion pixels can be seen in each second of Crazy Bats. A cinema film has around six times less, so “only” 170 million.

Fantastic details

You can recognise the incredible effort that lies behind the production of Crazy Bats everywhere during the ride. Take a good look at the fur of the little clumsy fellows: each of the three Crazy Bats has about two million individual hairs which were put into place with enormous effort. And did you know that each movement of the Crazy Bats was animated individually? For 8 seconds of film a real expert at Ambient Entertainment needed a whole week!

And by the way: Crazy Bats consists of a total of 50,000 separate pictures. In theory, one efficient computer would have needed 137 years for the final calculation of the film. Luckily we had more than one.

The 3D animated film Crazy Bats is an film experience at the highest level, which you enjoy in top cinematic quality using technology of the latest generation.


A particularly long and fun ride

A story to fall in love with

Crazy Bats gives you an extra long virtual adventure! For with a ride of a total of four minutes and a film of the same length this large VR family coaster in Phantasialand is the longest VR coaster in the world! This makes Crazy Bats a virtual roller coaster ride with a genuine story in which you even star in the lead role! Our three Crazy Bats will give you an ice-cold slide with their clumsy antics and try everything to still win your heart!


Fantastic sound experience

Something good for your ears!

With a mission as extraordinary as Crazy Bats we thought: The perfect picture needs the perfect sound. In Crazy Bats you get this right in your ear with the headphones attached to the VR headset. You glide through the castle of the Crazy Bats to specially composed music. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but always accompanied by the Crazy Bats – whose cheeky antics will make you laugh even more with the terrific sound effects!

This sound experience lets you totally immerse yourself into the world of the Crazy Bats - which you can experience with all of your senses!