VR technology of the latest generation

VR technology of the latest generation

Our VR headset is more easy to put on and adjust than any other - thanks to world-wide unique VR technology of the latest generation!

Putting on the VR headset - very easy for young and old:

You put on your VR headset as soon as you are seated in the roller coaster - and that is very easy: The practical screw cap at the back is as easy to operate as that on a bicycle helmet. Since our headset is equipped with VR technology of the latest generation (instead of the usual technology using smartphones) it is lighter than elsewhere.

Adjustment - fully automatic thanks to the latest technology:

Our VR system has special motion capture technology which captures the VR headset fully automatically. So, what does that mean for you? You don’t have to get us to bother with adjusting your VR headset, instead, you can just go to your allocated seat and you’re ready to go. The system automatically captures your position and during the whole ride presents you with a film experience perfectly tuned to you.

Visual acuity - extremely sharp for everyone:

Our VR headset has an extremely sharp, very high 3D resolution which you can enjoy without much effort. After all: The special lenses of the VR headset automatically provide perfect visual acuity (also for spectacle wearers). You just have to push the VR headset around on your nose a little bit until you get the optimum picture.

Tightening - briefly turn, finished:

As soon as you see a perfect picture just turn the screw cap at the back - and off you go! Your VR headset is all set to go and you can already explore the castle of the three bats. In addition, the two built-in headphones enable you to get the specially composed soundtrack and the brilliant sound effects directly to your ears.