Sea of lights

Moments that stay forever

A sea of lights shines in winter at Phantasialand. At dawn an enchanting glow lies over the decorated streets, gardens and hotels. Each themed area transforms into a magical winter wonderland – they all have their own unique charme full of winter atmosphere. Whether enchanting and cheerful in Wuze Town, dazzling and delightful in China Town or cosy and glamorous in Berlin: Winter is a dream at Phantasialand!

Phantasialand transforms into a sea of lights again during Wintertraum 2019/2020 starting from 22.11.2019.

A dream of winter

Colourful enlighted water fountains surround Wellenflug on Kaiserplatz. The impressive Christmas tree sparkles in its full glory and the frozen lake encircled by snow-covered fir trees invites you to have a great time ice-skating.

Dreams in the colours of phantasy

In Wuze Town you play, dance and laugh! Colourful lights and a luminous winter wonderland at the shore of the mysterious moon lake enchant all kids and grown-ups.

A sky full of stars

Firworks enlight the sky above Phantasialand with their impressive colours every evening as the final of the show "The Magic Rose – Spirit of Light" on Kaiserplatz.

Imperial ice age

The pagodas and temples are sparkling magnificantly and illustriously. Stardust lays on the empire of the middle and the Chinese dragon lifts up its majestetic head.

Mystic winter world

Candle light is filling the parlors of busy villagers. Flickering flames drench alleys and bridges in warm light. The new themed world is covered in a frosty fog.

Experience a new dimension of action and rides with six world records when TARON - the new multi-launch-coaster - is fired through the rocky landscape and RAIK - family boomerang - is zooming through the canyons.

Discover Klugheim

Themed hotels Matamba and Ling Bao

Enjoy Asian hospitality or African temperament while your short break in winter in our themed hotels. Experience some relaxing days with pleasure. It's time to unwind with a view on the colourful and sparkling hotel gardens and relish a laid-back time in front of the cosy fireplace.


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