Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y.

The dream of flying comes true

So free, so breathtaking, so majestic: F.L.Y. is a revolutionary flying adventure! Experience the overwhelming feeling of truly flying - right through Rookburgh and the Hotel Charles Lindbergh. Let your dreams F.L.Y. high!

Flying as free as never before

Visionary mechanics, a completely new flight position and unprecedented pilot seats: F.L.Y. has revolutionized technology and riding experience. Lying on your stomach you will conquer the skies - and feel the freedom of the sky as close as never before!


A whole new roller coaster experience

Even widely travelled explorers ask: What is a Flying Coaster? Chief Machinist Venturi explains: "Sitting upright, your journey with F.L.Y. begins until your pilot's seat turns gallantly under the rail for lift-off and you are shot into the sky lying down - and flying!"

The smooth lateral rotation of the pilot seats into the reclining position was developed especially for F.L.Y. and is unique worldwide.

F.L.Y. is the world's first Flying Launch Coaster and the longest Flying Coaster in the world.

Soft Opening of F.L.Y.

From now on Rookburgh is open for all guests – currently in Soft Opening phase. During this time there may be short-term or temporary closures of the entire theme world, individual experiences as well as limited flight times of F.L.Y. You will find further information at the portal to Rookburgh or at the attraction F.L.Y.

Terms of use


Persons under 1,30 m or above 2,05 m of height
and children under the age of 8 are not permitted.


Children between the height of 1,30 m and 1,40 m
and between 8 and 10 years may only travel in the company of adults,
who then take over the duty of supervision.


Persons above the height of 1,40 m
and children above the age of 10 are permitted.

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Information for guests with restrictions

Terms of use

  • Persons under 1,30 m and over 2,05m of height and children under the age of 8 are not permitted.
  • Children between the height of 1,30 and 1,40 m must be accompanied by a supervising adult, who then assume the duty of supervision.
  • Persons above the height of 1,40 m and children above the age of 10 are permitted
  • Persons with recently recovered illnesses, health problems, heart, circulation and blood pressure problems, spinal colum, intervertebal disc and back demage or other physical and mental afflictions and frail persons are not permitted.
  • Persons unter the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication are not permitted.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to travel with us.
  • Streching out arms, legs and head, as well as standing up and leaning out while driving is stricly prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to carry umbrellas and other bulky, pointy and loose objects. We assume no liability for lost or demaged items.
  • A vaper and smoking ban applies to the entire waiting area, in the station and during the journey.
  • No animals!

Safety instructions

  • max. 2 persons per row. No free choice of seat.
  • Attention! Rapid change of direction.
  • Carrying loose objects is strictly forbidden.
    Please use the lockers in front of the boarding area.
  • Please hold on tight during the whole trip!
  • At this attraction you are in a lying position.
    During the ride you are exposed to many times your body weight.


Please contact guest relation on Kaiserplatz during your visit. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and you will receive the corresponding "Usage and Waiver Agreement", which has to be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2020
Errors and changes reserved.

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