Dive into the magic of light

Feel the magic of light again and again with "Moments of Lights"! These dreamlike light experiences full of sparkle and flair, mystery and emotion will enchant you throughout the evening at various locations in Phantasialand.

Please note

In preparation for the fairytale winter shows, no shows will take place from 01 November up to and including 17 November 2023.

On 19 November 2023 no shows will take place due to the silent public holiday (Totensonntag) as well as no outside sound before 6:00 p.m..

Subject to errors and changes.

Kaiserplatz Illumination

Theme World Berlin

A sea full of lights

When the magic of light first awakens, Berlin's Kaiserplatz is transformed into a dreamlike sparkling sea of lights.

Pulse of Rookburgh

Theme World Rookburgh

Mysteriously Luminous

Mysteriously luminous, the heartbeat of Rookburgh pulses through the wintry world of aviation and machinery, sky stormers and explorers!

Water. Music. Light.

Theme World Berlin

Dancing Fountains

A dazzling symphony of water, light and music makes the fountains of Berlin Wellenflug dance enchantingly to three different compositions.

Magic Winter Castle

Theme World Klugheim/Mystery

Mighty Worlds

On the mighty tower of Mystery Castle, fantastic worlds and stories of light and magic break through the wintry darkness.

Goodnight Glow

Theme World Berlin

Cosy Glamour

A sparkling moment of cosy glamour magically lights up wintry Berlin once again at the end of an unforgettable winter's day.

Tiempo de Fuego

Theme World Mexico

Cinematic Show Highlight

A breathtaking fusion of light projections, music and fire celebrates a visually stunning festival of seasons on the rocks of Mexico - with a fiery finale! (Area: Chiapas - DIE Wasserbahn).