Mandala Spa

A rejuvenating experience

Our experience hotels, including Mandala Spa, are currently closed until further notice.

At Mandala Spa, you can treat yourself to feel-good massages, peels and masks to bring harmony to body and soul. Genuine Asian treatments, a healthy drink and exclusive feel good atmosphere round off your zen experience!

Included in package

Use of the heated indoor and outdoor pool
Towel, robe and slippers

Thai Massagen

Oriental aromatherapy massage

Total body treatment without the use of oils or peeling, and where various manual techniques will be used to massage you. This is to be particularly recommended if you have musculoskeletal problems.

Thai Herbal Heat Revival

This is similar to the traditional Thai massage PRAI is used as an essential part of the intensive revitalisation treatment, - this is a small bag filled with up to 15 different medicinal plants. This will lead to a feeling of unparalleled and deep relaxation.

Thai Foot-Massage

Thai foot massage. The reflex action greatly stimulates your circulation and flow of energy. Afterwards you will experience an extremely pleasant feeling of lightness and warmth.

The oriental aromatherapy massage

Full body massage using genuine Thai scented massage oils. The nourishing oils are soothing and improve the condition of your skin.

Type of massage/treatment Length Price
Traditional Thai massage 60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes
€ 80,00
€ 95,00
€ 105,00
Thai herbal heat revival 90 Minutes € 110,00
Thai foot massage 90 Minutes € 48,00
€ 79,00
Oriental aromatherapy massage 90 Minutes € 85,00
Chinese massage

The four elements, fire, water, air and earth are particularly effective due to the use of various blends of natural oils and different techniques. The flow of energy is activated once again and blockages are released. This means that the massage has a balancing and harmonising effect. Afterwards you will feel balanced and relaxed.

Type of massage/treatment Length Price
Fire, water, air & earth 90 Minutes € 95,00
Balinese massage

The Balinese full body massage is a combination of traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques and western treatments. This treatment boosts the metabolism in the skin and internal organs and is ideal for special treatments, such as the anti-cellulite treatment. At the same time you will be in a state of deep relaxation.

Type of massage/treatment Length Price
Shaping, relaxation & regeneration 60 Minutes
90 Minutes
€ 85,00
€ 95,00
Special Treatments


Bengkung is a traditional beauty treatment. The combination of peeling and masks stimulates the blood circulation. After this treatment you will feel like a new person.

The Elixir of Life

Relaxation and harmonisation for 2.5 hours with a sauna or steam bath, a Thai foot massage, a drink and a 90-minute massage of your choice (traditional Thai, Balinese or Chinese massage).

Spirit of life

Cleansing and revitalisation for 3 hours with body scrub and masks, facial massage, a drink and a 90-minute oriental aromatherapy massage.

Type of massage/treatment Length Price
Bengkung 75 Minutes € 85,00
Elixir of life 150 Minutes € 130,00
Spirit of life 180 Minutes € 160,00

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