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At Phantasialand, you will find cutting-edge technology and an incredible ambience in 28 unique venues – for a relaxed place to meet, celebrate and have fun!

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Premium locations

Outstanding equipment, cutting-edge technology and a distinctive ambience bring your event dreams to life – from a glittering gala or special product event through to unforgettable special events!

In Berlin


Modern, exclusive and versatile: Spread across two floors, almost anything is possible in Quantum!

Surface area: 1,900 m² | Capacity: 1,400 people

Explore Quantum

Opposite the entrance to Berlin


Stylish, unrivalled, unmistakeable: STOCK’s is just as suitable as it is for partying and dancing as it is for brainstorming and talking!

Surface area: 1,200 m² | Capacity: 450 people

Explore STOCK‘s

Events in XXL

Exclusive access to Phantasialand

Celebrate your exclusive premium event with one-of-a-kind attractions and spectacular shows in six themed areas!

Surface area: 28,000 m² | Capacity: 20,000 guests

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Conference locations

Brainstorming in Africa or workshopping in Asia: In our conference locations, every meeting becomes an experience – supported by cutting-edge ClickShare conference technology with 86” LED screens in UHD/4K resolution*!
*With touch system, wireless presentation technology and digital whiteboard function. Available in most our conference locations.

In Hotel Matamba


In lively, authentic Africa, new approaches and creative solutions appear as if from nowhere.

Surface area: 119 m² | Capacity: 80 people

Explore Bambuti

In Hotel Matamba


Find inspiration for new ideas in the spirit of Africa – at conferences, seminars or workshops.

Surface area: 61 m² | Capacity: 14 people

Explore Kalunga

In Hotel Matamba


As if you were beneath the African night skies, you can concentrate on the essentials here.

Surface area: 114 m² | Capacity: 70 people

Explore Dambali

In Hotel Ling Bao

Wang Wei

For an event in the Far East – with extensive views over China Town and two balconies.

Surface area: 185 m² | Capacity: 120 people

Explore Wang Wei

In Hotel Ling Bao


Tap into new creative forces at your workshop or meeting!

Surface area: 65 m² | Capacity: 60 people

Explore Confucius

In Hotel Ling Bao

Tu Fu

A bright conference room with Chinese design elements that inspire new ideas.

Surface area: 60 m² | Capacity: 20 people

Explore Tu Fu

In Hotel Ling Bao


Feel the peace and serenity in this chic conference suite with a balcony and extensive views.

Surface area: 25 m² | Capacity: 16 people

Explore Fuxing

In Hotel Ling Bao


Feel the balance of the Feng-Shui at this location with its own balcony and separate break room.

Surface area: 22 m² | Capacity: 16 people

Explore Shouxing

At the conference centre


Meet and train in our bright and airy rooms and innovative atmosphere.

Surface area: 193 m² | Capacity: 120 people

Explore Neptune

Themed locations

Bring a breathe of fresh air to your event with two unique rollercoasters or host a glittering event that follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo!

In China Town

Marco Polo

A atmospheric expedition to Asia – with enough space for a DJ, dance floor and stage.

Surface area: 500 m² | Capacity: 250 people

Explore Marco Polo

In the Fantasy area

Wuze Town

Two indoor rollercoasters act as a breathe of fresh air – during a break in your conference or at your major evening event!

Surface area: 5,000 m² | Capacity: 2,000 people

Explore Wuze Town

Theatre locations

Sit back and enjoy the show or create the perfect backdrop for your brand and product: At Phantasialand, you’re sure to find the ideal stage for your big day!

Phantasialand Business to pleasure Theater-Location Wintergarten

In Berlin


For an extraordinary product presentation or awards ceremony with special effects.

Surface area: 675 m² | Capacity: 850 people

Explore Wintergarten

In Mexico

Silverado Theatre

Ideal for spectacular highlights, big appearances or the perfect grand finale.

Surface area: 950 m² | Capacity: 1,200 people

Explore Silverado Theatre

In Mexico

Arena de Fiesta

With its extensive ice rink, Arena de Fiesta is suitable for ice-cold conference breaks and special tributes.

Surface area: 875 m² | Capacity: 950 people

Explore Arena de Fiesta

In Berlin


For a strong 4D opening to your event, your very own cinema night or a kick-off event with special effects.

Surface area: 330 m² | Capacity: 465 people

Explore Schauspielhaus

Restaurants & bars

Be it a large business brunch, joint dinner or a food break during your conference: Our restaurants and bars are a great place to pamper yourself – thanks to the outstanding cuisine, cool drinks and chic ambience!

In Hotel Ling Bao

Lu Chi Restaurant

Enjoy inspiring fusion cooking in an exclusive setting.

Surface area: 135 m² | Capacity: 46 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Explore Lu Chi Restaurant

In Hotel Ling Bao

Bamboo Restaurant

At this food market, you can set off on your own personal tasting tour through Asia – and feel the spirit of the Far East!

Surface area: 170 m² | Capacity: 160 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Explore Bamboo Restaurant

In Hotel Matamba

Bantu Restaurant

In the authentic heart of Africa, you can enjoy sun-kissed wines to accompany your African fire pot!

Surface area: 130 m² | Capacity: 64 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Explore Bantu Restaurant

In Hotel Matamba

Zambesi Restaurant

Celebrate with a joy-filled African barbecue – with all your loved ones and a pinch of Chakalaka!

Surface area: 470 m² | Capacity: 244 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Explore Zambesi Restaurant

In the theme park

Tapas Bar Cocorico

South American delicacies taste extra delicious in an authentic ambience!

Surface area: approx. 70 m² | Capacity: 50 people | Location: Mexico

Explore Tapas-Bar Cocorico

In the theme park

Rutmor's Taverne

Enjoy down-to-earth cooking in the rustic atmosphere of a friendly tavern.

Capacity: 70 people | Location: Klugheim/Mystery

Explore Rutmor’s Taverne

In the theme park

Mandschu Restaurant

Freshly prepared before your eyes and carefully refined with exotic herbs and spices, this restaurant in the heart of China Town brings Asian cuisine to life.

Surface area: 467 m² | Capacity: 158 people | Location: China Town

Explore Mandschu Restaurant

In the theme park

Unter den Linden Restaurant

Amidst the flair of the 1920s, tickle your taste buds – in the restaurant or on the terrace.

Surface area: 372 m² | Capacity: 230 people | Location: Berlin

Explore Unter den Linden Restaurant

In Hotel Ling Bao

Dragon Bar - On The Rooftop

Expertly made drinks. Bar food to make you go weak at the knees. And Asia at your feet.

Surface area: 100 m² | Capacity: 60 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Explore Dragon Bar

In Hotel Ling Bao

Li River Bar

Asian delicacies and a range of hot and ice-cold drinks – plus a good sense of Far Eastern zen.

Surface area: 155 m² | Capacity: 97 people | Location: Hotel Ling Bao

Explore Li River Bar

In Hotel Matamba

Jafari Bar

Jafari Bar in the heart of Africa is the ideal place to unwind at the end of the day.

Surface area: 135 m² | Capacity: 97 people | Location: Hotel Matamba

Explore Jafari Bar

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