A culinary treat

At brunch in Phantasialand, you can wander around an Asian food market, celebrate with an African BBQ or discover all the delicious treats that winter has to offer – and after all that, you can make some phantastic new memories in our incredible theme park!

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Zambesi – The African Barbecue Restaurant

“Jamboree” Sunday brunch

At our African barbecue, “Potjekoes” bubble away in cast iron pans while exotic meats roast over the open fire. You’ll get a real sense for Africa’s joyful outlook on life here – while you celebrate with your loved ones and a pinch of Chakalaka.

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Bamboo – The Food Market Restaurant

Asian Sunday brunch

Our lively food market is sizzling, steaming and bubbling away. And charming you at every turn: with live cooking on the wok and Teppanyaki grill, delicious dim sum and spicy Thai curry...

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Five unique venues

Winter brunches

Festive, zen or exotic: With our winter brunches, we will treat you and your loved ones to a range of wintry delicacies in five unique locations and throw in entry to Wintertraum on top!

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The most enjoyable day out

Spend a day in another world – full of incredibly tasty treats, phantastic thrills and spills, and amazing show experiences.