Germany's most successful Dinnershow!

Experience an evening like you have never before: Marvel at fascinating entertainment on stage and taste how the four courses of our signature menu bring culinary worlds together... while you feel what lifestyle really means in the middle of an extravagant design location!

The Show.
The Dinner.
Your Experience.

A show with passion

Stage worlds full of life

Each of the five show blocks tells its very own story - and becomes the big picture with breathtaking artistry, passionate singing and fast-paced choreography! And you are right in the middle ...


Four courses - one journey

Ensemble of delights

A very special dance that tickles your palate: in each of the four courses, taste how culinary worlds become familiar with each other, engage in an exotic duet and finally merge on your tongue to form an ensemble of pleasure.


Location to linger

Lifestyle, Charme & Elegance

Take a seat in comfortable leather armchairs and taste the magic of anticipation - while your aperitif sparkles in the golden light of the chandelier. Soft piano sounds, cheerful laughter and glittering white facades: Here, the ambience merges with the experience to create the artful setting for Fantissima - this is pure lifestyle!

The right preparation

How to plan your evening

Fantissima is like a journey where you yourself contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the evening. Read here what you should consider during your visit - especially when choosing the right evening dress.

Robert Löffelhardt, Managing director

The Fantissima philosophy

I would like to invite you to discover the overall Fantissima experience in all its particularity: The show. The dinner. Your experience. Because Fantissima is an experience that steps out of the shadows of the usual and goes its own way.

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Fantissima is an overall production for which every element is precisely developed and inextricably interwoven. A fascinating unity of great entertainment, unique menu and extraordinary ambience.


It starts with the entrance. Fantissima welcomes you with a very special atmosphere: Stylish design, modern flair and exclusive service become an experience all of its own here. An elegant fusion of inspiring design location and charming lifestyle. Extravagant and inviting at the same time.


This is just as true for the show experience. Fantissima creates fascinating worlds with the kind of elaborate technology normally found on large concert stages and a holistic artistic approach. A synthesis of the arts of virtuality and performance, art and emotion as you can experience it in Las Vegas or Paris. A show experience that is great entertainment despite a small stage.


This applies not least to the culinary arts. Fantissima has developed its very own palate language. An interplay of flavors and contrasts, international culinary delights and local roots as known from the most exquisite cuisines. A pleasure experience with tongue-in-cheek lightness and great class. Not pleasing or trendy, but unique and special.


All of this comes together to create the overall Fantissima experience. An experience that is defined by the uniqueness of its details. An experience that is distinguished by the uniqueness of its overall staging. But above all, it stands out for its constant evolution: Because Fantissima is a year-round experience - and that allows us to work on it constantly. Such a development is hardly possible elsewhere. We have created the conditions for it; in the team, in the technology, in the location. Our decisive advantage, however, is that we can think and act all year round - and can therefore constantly question and improve ourselves.


We are not concerned with presenting new show acts, new menus, new looks every year. Today, we have achieved a quality with Fantissima that goes far beyond the dinner show genre. A genre in its own right, which we want to expand and build on. Our ambition is to constantly increase the quality of everything that Fantissima already represents. That is our innermost philosophy - and therein lies the secret that makes us Germany's most successful dinner show today.


The people who design and realize Fantissima can grow together here in the long term. They find an artistic, culinary and emotional home here. And together they can create an experience that you - dear guests - can only experience in this quality and this way at Fantissima.



What makes Fantissima such an unforgettable and unique evening is best experienced by yourself.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Robert Löffelhardt

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