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An evening like a journey

Of lifestyle, charme and elegance

When entering the extraordinary location, your journey begins: Gleaming white facades are reflected in the ground. Cheerful laughter fills the air. Here, the ambience merges with the experience to create the artistic setting for Fantissima – this is pure lifestyle!

Lifestyle to linger

Aperitif in golden lights

Magic of anticipation

That special tingling sensation. A feeling that something unforgettable lies ahead. This is the magic of anticipation – take the time to enjoy it with all your senses! Celebrate the start of your Fantissima experience with an aperitif in the comfortable leather armchairs of our bar.




Get-together after the show

An evening's fade out

A place to come together. For charming exchanges in comfortable leather armchairs. To review the evening together. After your journey full of unforgettable moments has come to an end, our bar welcomes you for a relaxing finale.


The right preparation

How to plan your evening

At Fantissima you yourself contribute to the distinctive atmosphere of the evening. Read here what you should consider during your visit – especially when choosing the right evening dress.

Worlds full of wonder

Experience the unique
To the arrangement

Sweetheart & Diamond

Your dreamlike exclusive experience at Fantissima: At your own table for two!

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Spring special

The show. The dinner. Your experience – get tickets from €59. Limited contingent on all dates!

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Experience Germany's most successful dinner show
– until 24 June 2024!


What a gift


With a Phantasialand gift voucher, you can give a special treat to special people – and with that the most valuable gift there is: unique experiences that last.

Business Event at its Best

The Show. The Dinner. Your Event.

An exclusive business package

Celebrate an event as extraordinary as no other in the company of your guests. Whether as an unforgettable business event, a large exclusive event or a fascinating Christmas party: we will be happy to put together an exclusive business package for your evening at Fantissima!

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