Hotel Ling Bao

Happytime for the soul

At 4‑star superior Hotel Ling Bao you will feel the magic of Asia with all your senses and unwind like a Buddha in stylish relaxation rooms. In the paradisiacal hotel garden, the outdoor pool invites you for a special refreshment. And via the private park access you walk directly into Phantasialand, where the experience of Asia in China Town continues seamlessly!


from €93.00 per person

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Getaway at Hotel Ling Bao


Exclusivity & experience are united in an incomparable way: in the pool and wellness retreat, where soothing moments indulge body & soul.





Stylish zen-rooms

Warm colors, mysterious symbols and cozy furnishings: in our double and family rooms you will experience the restful harmony of the elements by day and night - and the little ones will dream of the Far East in cuddly Buddha beds. Enjoy your Asian getaway in four categories: Comfort Monk, Comfort Plus Confucius and Premium Emperor, Superior Emperor.

Our theme room

Buddha's Kindness

Unique in Hotel Ling Bao: Buddha's Kindness is your personal space to recover - as charming as chic, as classy as exclusiv. Savor extra attentions that will elevate your stay to a special level here.




Discover a world between exclusivity and inspiration full of enriching moments and unique memories. Embedded in a world of Far Eastern flair and superior comfort a collection of extraordinary experiences that make dreams become reality is waiting for you: IImmersive insights that inspire. Personal encounters that touch. Precious memories which last forever. A unique journey to the Far East - and your exclusive experience in the middle of Phantasialand!



Pool- & Wellness Retreat



Our new wellness retreat indulge you like a sensual symbiosis of yin and yang: where you can immerse yourself in the refreshing flow of our pool landscape and enjoy invigorating and health-promoting wellness experiences at the same time.



Mandala Spa

Treat yourself to soothing massages, peelings and masks that bring body and mind into harmony! In the MANDALA SPA you can enjoy Chinese, Thai and Balinese treatments according to over 2500 years of tradition.


Enjoy the Taste of Asia


Breakfast Trip to Asia

Your culinary discovery tour in the morning begins with our various selection of lovingly prepared breakfast classics and takes you to the delightful places of Asian taste delight: Fine salad creations from the Far East, vietnamese pho-soup or omelettes from the Teppanyaki grill. And with our homemade chocolate creams and jams we sweeten the start of your day!

Food Market & Fine Dining

Restaurants & Bars

In our restaurant Bamboo we will spoil you under the knot of happiness with Asian specialties such as delicious salmon maki, spicy Thai curry and creamy tapioca pudding. At Lu Chi restaurant, enjoy inspiring fusion cuisine à la carte in Buddha's Arms. And in our bars, we serve cool drinks and the best views.


Discover your adventure in Asia



Private Access to the theme park

Walk through the paradisiacal hotel gardens directly into Phantasialand - and experience the unique fusion of hotel and theme park.

Hotel Quick Pass

During your stay at Hotel Matamba or Ling Bao, you will receive per person and night a one-time fast access to selected attractions* - during park opening and only in combination with a valid theme park ticket.

* Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn, Maus au Chocolat, Talocan, Winja’s Fear & Force or Colorado Adventure

Breakfast included

Start the day with your breakfast favorites! Choose from crispy rolls, buttery croissants, a selection of jams, sausages, cheeses and much more.

POOL Usage

Our new wellness retreat awaits you with a symbiosis of elegant pool landscape and sensual blissful places of wellness - exclusively for guests of Hotel Ling Bao!
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Parking included

During your stay you can park free of charge in the hotel parking lot.

WIFI included

In our hotels you can use our free WIFI hotspot in the lobby and in the rooms/cabins.


Give a time out

What a gift


With a Phantasialand gift voucher, you can give a special treat to special people – and with that the most valuable gift there is: unique experiences that last.

Worlds full of wonder

Experience the unique
To the arrangement

Sweetheart & Diamond

Your dreamlike exclusive experience at Fantissima: At your own table for two!

Discover package

Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Adventure Package: Overnight stay incl. 3-courses menu, breakfast and admission to Phantasialand during your whole stay.

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Time out experience

Indulge the time out from 01.02.-27.03.2024 in Hotel Matamba or Hotel Ling Bao.

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Discover treatments

Mandala Spa

Enjoy an exclusive time-out of pure relaxation with soothing Far Eastern treatments.

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Presale Tickets

The show. The dinner. Your experience – get tickets from €69. Limited contingent on all dates!

Discover dinner experiences

Dinner experiences

Stroll through our restaurants in the Hotel Ling Bao and Matamba for your dinner even without a visit to the park or a hotelbooking.



Hotel Matamba and Hotel Ling Bao



When do we get a booking confirmation?

Reservations via telephone will be processed within 2 days. If you reserve online, an automatic confirmation will be sent to the email address provided after the booking has been completed.


Did my payment process work and do I get a receipt of payment?

Please note that we are unable to provide a confirmation that the payment and/or acknowledgement have been received. We monitor our reservations regularly and contact our guests as soon as any queries occur.


When will my credit card be charged?

Due to European data regulations your credit card data cannot be saved. Therefore, your balance will be charged to your credit card immediately.


What are the payment conditions?

The amount of your reservation must be paid in full up to 21 days before the date of arrival. If there are less than 21 days between your booking and the date of arrival, we ask you to transfer the total amount immediately. As a bank transfer can take 3-4 working days, please contact us at hotel[at] for payments at short notice. We will be happy to send you a link for payment by credit card afterwards.



What are the check-in and check-out times?

Our hotel reception is open 24 hours. Your hotel room will be available after 3.30 p.m. on the date of your arrival. Of course, you are welcome to arrive earlier. We are happy to keep your luggage in our locked luggage room until your room is ready. You will need to check out of your room until 11 a.m. on the date of your departure. Late check-out is available upon request and according to availability. For further information please ask the reception.


Where can I park my car as a hotel guest?

Hotel LING BAO has its own parking lot and garage directly at the hotel. Hotel MATAMBA has its parking lot across the street of the hotel entrance. Both parking lots are free of charge for hotel guests.


Where do I get my tickets for Phantasialand or Fantissima as a hotel guest?

If you prebooked your tickets to Phantasialand or for Fantissima you will automatically receive your tickets during your check-in at the hotel reception. Additional tickets can be purchased there as well.



Are pets allowed?

Small dogs are allowed in Hotel Matamba upon request and availability. An additional fee of €15,00 per night per dog will be charged. Please ask our booking department about hotel rooms for dog owners. Hotel Ling Bao does not allow dogs. The visit of Phantasialand with a dog is permitted.


Do the hotels offer free WiFi?

Both hotels offer free WiFi in the lobby as well as in all rooms. You are welcome to use the network „PHL Free WiFi“.


What do I need to consider in the current situation?

You can find all information about your short trip here.



Hotel Ling Bao & Hotel Matamba
Phantasialand Gastronomie GmbH
Berggeiststraße 31-41
50321 Brühl

Phone number (reception): +49 (0)2232 36-600
E-Mail hotel reservations: hotel[at]



Phantasialand Hotels

(1) Scope of application

(1.1) These Terms and Conditions of Business apply for all hotel services, in particular the assignment of hotel rooms, conference and banquet halls, and other rooms. If a third party has placed an order on a customer’s behalf, they shall be liable to the hotel with the customer as the joint debtor.

(1.2) Customers are not permitted to sub-let or rent out rented rooms unless the hotel has provided written consent to a written request.

(1.3) Only these Terms and Conditions of Business are binding and recognised for the contract concluded; other terms and conditions of business, such as those issued by the customer, shall not be recognised.


(2) Conclusion of the contract, contract partner

(2.1) The contract partners are the hotel and the customer.

(2.2) The contract is concluded upon the hotel’s confirmation of the order with the customer (standard designation for the ordering party, organiser, guest, etc.).


(3) Prices, advance payments

(3.1) Prices are determined on the basis of the price list valid at the time the services are rendered and include the rate of value added tax valid at that time.

(3.2) If fixed prices are specified in the order confirmation and there is more than 4 months between the conclusion of the contract and the rendering of services, the hotel is fundamentally entitled to correct these prices up to the limit of the price list valid at the time the services are rendered. If the rate of value added tax is increased between the conclusion of the contract and the rendering of services, the hotel is also entitled to adjust the price retrospectively.

(3.3) Upon conclusion of the contract, the hotel is entitled to request appropriate advance payment from the customer and/or third party; this payment normally amounts to 100% of the services booked. If payment in advance is agreed and the customer fails to make this payment on time, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract and claim any damages incurred as a result from the customer.

(3.4) Furthermore, at the start and for the duration of the customer’s stay, the hotel is entitled to request appropriate advance payment or a deposit within the meaning of the above Item 3.3. for current and future claims arising from the contract unless these have already been paid in accordance with the aforementioned Item 3.3.


(4) Payment for services

(4.1) The customer undertakes to pay the applicable or agreed prices for all services ordered from the hotel, all services rendered by the hotel and all services used during the duration of the stay. This applies particularly to services requested by the customer from the hotel and/or the hotel’s expenditure to third parties.

(4.2) The hotel’s invoices are due immediately upon rendering of the hotel or upon departure from the hotel. Furthermore, the hotel is entitled at any time to charge for claims accrued at any time and request immediate payment.

(4.3) If payment upon receipt of invoice has been agreed, the invoice amount is due upon issuing of the invoice and must be paid in full to the hotel within 10 days. Payment shall be deemed in default upon receipt of the first reminder. In the event of a payment default by the customer, the hotel shall be entitled to apply interest for late payment in the amount of 4% above the base interest rate for current accounts at the principal bank from the 10th day after the invoice was issued.

(4.4) Furthermore, a reminder fee of EUR 6.00 shall be due for each reminder issued after the 10th day from the invoice being issued.

(4.5) The customer is only able to off-set or reduce claims by the hotel against undisputed or legally valid claims.

(4.6) The customer agrees that their invoice can also be sent electronically.


(5) Withdrawal by the customer (cancellation)/failure to use the agreed services (no-show)

(5.1) The customer is only able to withdraw from the contract concluded with the hotel if a right to withdraw has been expressly agreed in the contract, a statutory right to withdraw applies or if the hotel expressly agrees to a cancellation of the contract.

(5.2) If the hotel and customer have agreed on a deadline for free withdrawal from the contract, the customer is able to withdraw from the contract up to this date without triggering any rights of the hotel to payment claims or claims for damages.

(5.3) If a right to withdraw has not been agreed or has already expired, if no statutory rights to withdraw from or terminate the contract apply, and if the hotel does not agree to a cancellation of the contract, the hotel reserves the right to claim the agreed remuneration even though the agreed services were not used.

(5.4) For booked services and rooms rented out under the hotel agreement, remuneration is also due if the booking is later cancelled by the customer or the customer is a no-show (Section 552 of the German Civil Code). The hotel’s saved expenditure amounts to 20% of the room price for an overnight stay with breakfast, 40% of the service price for all food and drinks ordered, and 20% of the service price for hotel package deals including entry to the park. If a minimum spend has been agreed and is not reached, the hotel shall be entitled to request up to 60% of the difference in the amounts as lost profits insofar as the customer is unable to provide evidence of the lost profits being lower than this sum or the hotel is unable to provide evidence of the lost profits being higher.


(6) Withdrawal by the hotel

(6.1) Insofar as it has been agreed that the customer is able to withdraw from the contract free-of-charge within a certain deadline, the hotel shall also be entitled to withdraw from the contract within this period if it has received requests for contractually booked rooms from other customers and the customer does not waive their right of withdrawal at the hotel’s request submitted with an appropriate deadline. This applies accordingly if an option is granted, other room requests have been submitted and the customer is not willing to make a fixed booking at the hotel’s request submitted with an appropriate deadline.

(6.2) In the event of a failure to pay an advance payment or deposit agreed or requested in accordance with Item 3.3 and/or Item 3.4 even after an appropriate deadline set by the hotel has elapsed, the hotel shall also be entitled to withdraw from the contract.

(6.3) Furthermore, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract without notice on objectively justified grounds, in particular if

  • the contract cannot be fulfilled due to an act of force majeure (fire, strike, or similar) or any other impediment to the rendering of the services either in full or in part for which the hotel is not responsible.
  • The hotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract without the customer being entitled to claim for damages.
  • rooms or services are culpably booked under misleading or false information or key facts are withheld, e.g. regarding the customer or purpose; essential factors here can the identity of the customer, their ability to stay or the purpose of their stay
  • the hotel has justified grounds to assume that use of the hotel services may pose a threat to the hotel’s smooth business operations, its safety and security, or its public perception. In the case of group bookings, this applies in particular to cases where only one member of the group provides grounds for such assumption.
  • the purpose or reason for the stay is illegal
  • there is a breach of Item 1.2 above

(6.4) A justified withdraw from the contract by the hotel does not entitle the customer to claim any damages.


(7) Provision, handover and return; rendering of services

(7.1) The hotel provides the rented rooms at the exact time agreed in the contract and/or at the time of the event. In the case of hotel rooms in particular, the customer is not entitled to a particular room being made available, merely a room in line with the category booked.

(7.2) Within the scope of the rendering of services, hotel rooms are not available until 3:30 p.m. on the day of arrival. The customer is not entitled to the room being made available earlier than this.

(7.3) On the agreed day of departure, the rooms must be cleared and made available to the hotel no later than 11:00 a.m. If the customer fails to meet their obligation to vacate the room by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure, the hotel is entitled to request remuneration up to the full rate for the room for any use after this without any further prompting of the customer. If the hotel accrues any other damages due to the late evacuation of the room on the day of departure, the customer shall undertake to provide compensation for this amount. This does not provide the customer with grounds for contractual claims. They are free to provide evidence that the hotel is not entitled to any or the full rate of remuneration for use.

(7.4) If the customer fails to arrive by 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival, they shall undertake to inform the hotel of their later arrival in good time; failure to do so will entitle the hotel to withdraw from the contract if it receives a request from another customer and allocate the room elsewhere without the customer being entitled to accommodation. The obligation to provide proof of notification in the event of a late arrival lies with the customer.

(7.5) For catering services (food & drinks) booked by the customer, the customer must inform the hotel of the number of participants no later than 2 working days before the date on which the services are to be rendered. If there are fewer participants than agreed, the customer must pay at least for the number of people agreed. If there are more participants than reported, the customer shall be billed for the actual number of participants.

(7.6) The customer undertakes to advise the hotel without delay – but no later than upon conclusion of the contract – and without prompting if the services and/or event are likely to attract public interest or have an adverse effect on the hotel’s concerns, be it due to the political, religious or other nature. Newspaper adverts, other advertising material and publications that contain references to the hotel and/or invitations to interviews or sales events, for example, require written approval from the hotel management.

(7.7) Dogs are not permitted in the hotel restaurants or in the Hotel Ling Bao or Hotel Charles Lindbergh. Certified support dogs for people with disabilities are welcomed at Hotel Matamba (following prior registration) and at all hotel restaurants. Please note that a copy of the support dog certificate will be needed.

Visitors to Hotel Charles Lindbergh must be aged 8 and up; visitors are only permitted to stay in the hotel if they have booked an experience package in advance. Hotel Charles Lindbergh is not suitable for wheelchair users.


(8) Liability of the hotel

(8.1) The hotel is liable for applying the due care and diligence of prudent business practice. Should any disruptions or shortcomings arise in the services rendered, the customer must issue a complaint without delay and provide the hotel with an opportunity to remedy the issue. Notwithstanding Item 6 and Sections 701 et. seqq. of the German Civil Code, the hotel shall be liable in the case of intent or gross negligence by the hotel’s legal representative or managers. The limitation period for all claims by the customer against the hotel is 6 months calculated from the end of the contract. This limitation of liability and short limitation period apply to the hotel’s benefit even if obligations are breached prior to the contract being concluded and in the case of a positive violation of contractual duty or unlawful acts.

(8.2) For items brought into the hotel, the hotel is liable to the customer in accordance with the statutory provisions. The hotel recommends using the hotel or room safe.

(8.3) Insofar as the customer is provided with a parking space in the hotel garage or car park – including for a fee – this does not constitute a contract of safe custody. The hotel is not obligated to monitor the space. In the event of the disappearance of or damage to vehicles parked or moved on hotel property and their contents, the hotel shall only be liable in accordance with the above Item 8. Sentences 1 to 3. The hotel shall only be liable for direct damage to the vehicle caused by a defect in the space that already existed when the parking space was assigned. Any damage of this type must be claimed without delay but no later than departure from the hotel property.

(8.4) The hotel attempts to perform wake-up services with the due care and diligence of prudent business practice. Any messages, letters or goods sent to the customers shall also be handled with this level of care.

(8.5) The hotel stores any items left behind by the customer for a period of 6 months. After this period, these items shall become the property of the hotel. They are returned to the customer only at their request and at their own risk and cost. Any liability of the hotel arising from Items 8.1–8.4 shall be excluded.


(9) Final provisions

(9.1) The place of performance and payment for both parties is the location of the hotel. For commercial matters, including disputes concerning bills of exchange and cheques, the place of jurisdiction is the location of the hotel.

(9.2) German law applies.

(9.3) Any agreements deviating from these terms and conditions and any ancillary agreements must be concluded in writing. Should any individual provisions in the contract – including these Terms and Conditions of Business – be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The parties shall replace without delay the ineffective provisions with effective provisions that best reflect the purpose of the ineffective provisions.


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