Pool & Wellness Retreat

Dreamlike Oasis of Relaxation

Enjoy our newly designed wellness retreat at the Hotel Ling Bao: a dreamlike symbiosis of seductive wellness experience and sensual pool experience awaits you! Let yourself drift in the refreshing water that invigorates and gently caresses you at the same time - and do something good for your body and mind by discovering our special places of wellness bliss that strengthen your health. An all-round blissful journey for the heart, the senses and your soul.

Paradisiacal pool oasis


Moments of bliss in the new pool

Immerse yourself in the blissful flow of our pool landscape, where the water gently laps or effervescently soothes you: a soothing refreshment after your wonderful wellness experience! Without having to leave the warming water, you can swim directly outside to our paradisiacal pool oasis. Where you will find your own personal happiness between lush greenery and the Tibetan prayer wheels!

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Wellness Experience

Whether behind the lovingly carved windows made of warm wood or when you follow the stairs down into a world of peaceful security: very special blissful places of rest and relaxation await you here, where you can pamper your body and mind with soothing wellness experiences.

Please note: You must wear swimwear when visiting our wellness experiences.

Soothing mist

Steam bath

Our steam bath surrounds you with the soothing mist of deep inner peace, boosting your metabolism while improving circulation.

Sweat and inhalation bath | 100 % humidity, temperature: 43 °C - 48 °C, duration of stay: approx. 10 minutes

Energising warmth


In the Tecaldarium - a blissful place that surrounds you with energising warmth - you will find the space and time to let your thoughts wander. A wellness experience with healing effects that stabilises the circulation and strengthens your immune system.

Dry radiant heat room | surface temperature: 30 °C - 60 °C, room temperature: 10 °C - 15 °C lower than surface temperature, duration of stay: approx. 20 minutes

A restful break


Follow the stairs down to a place full of security: in the salarium you can enjoy a restful break surrounded by comforting warm wood - the salty air has a liberating effect on the respiratory tract and improves the body's own defences.

Dry warm air room | Temperature: 60 °C - 80 °C, 5 -10 % humidity, duration of stay: approx. 15 minutes

Warming power

Infrared sauna

Our infrared sauna invites you to get closer to yourself. Its warming power relieves tension and promotes skin health.

Infrared sauna | Training of the cardiovascular system through targeted overheating of the body, temperature: 40 °C, length of stay: approx. 15 minutes

gentle drops

rain shower

Water offers strength and warmth - and here you can experience it in all its nuances: Whether as a refreshing waterfall or gentle rain that tingles on the skin ... dive in, enjoy, feel at ease!

Deep relaxation

Foot bath with heat bench

In the noble footbath you can choose between refreshing temperatures and a pleasant warmth while resting in deep relaxation on our heat bench - good for the heart and a healthy circulation.

Peaceful respite

Tranquillity lounge

Enjoy a peaceful respite in our spacious Tranquillity Lounge ... while the fire in the fireplace glows as full of warmth as the blissful mood in your heart. And for a blissful refreshment, it's not far to the drinking fountain.

Breathing space for body & soul

Feel like newborn

Mandala Spa

At the Mandala Spa you can enjoy Chinese, Thai and Balinese treatments according to a 2500 year old tradition. Treat yourself to an application for your time out.

Please note the opening hours of the Mandala Spa.


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