Delight experience Rookburgh

Homemade delicacies

What would a day be without a delight experience that makes you happy? Allow me, Carl Ferdinand von Stumor, delight-loving gastrosophist. Accompany me through Rookburgh and discover delicacies as homemade as they are unique - welcome to the world of Rookburgh's delights!

Here is truly everything:
Homemade. Handmade. Unique!

Restaurant Uhrwerk

Delight with craftsmanship and heart

Become a culinary explorer in charming factory flair: in the Uhrwerk restaurant you will taste creativity and passion with every bite. Whether it's homemade dips, traditional pasta or global steak burgers - here Rookburg craftsmanship becomes a unique delight!

In-house creations and world-embracing aormas make the Uhrwerk restaurant a place of delight of a special kind.

Emilie's Chocoladen & Candy‑Werkstatt

Rookburgh's chocolade side

The scent of fresh chocolate rises to the nose - and craft becomes a delicious temptation: handmade chocolates, made on site and refined with delicious toppings. A wide variety of candies in your own favorite mix. In Emilie's Chocoladen & Candy Workshop the sweet heart beats faster!

Here, high-quality chocolate is homemade - delicious souvenirs full of craftsmanship and class.

Zum Kohleschipper

Famous sandwich delight

A concise boiler house with splendid enjoyment: five high-quality sandwich creations, perfectly coordinated layer by layer. With warm toppings, homemade bread and sauces from our own production - simply delicious!

Each sandwich is crowned by a specially created sauce with amazing taste combinations.

1919 - Bar. Pub. Destille.

Craft Beer, cocktails and character

A bar as delightful as it is exclusive - with astonishing cocktail bowls, craft beer in unimagined variety and a special community: Only Explorers from the Hotel Charles Lindbergh can experience the pleasant tingling of Rookburgh at night!

A full 15 varieties of craft beer and grandiose cocktail bowls are the trademark of the Bar 1919.


Discover a new world

Discover the whole Rookburgh adventure and dive with all your senses into a world beyond your imagination: Here pleasure and craft, hotel and roller coaster merge into a perfect unity - and dreams come true!

Experience the whole adventure Rookburgh