Sleep like an aeronaut

The Cabins in Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Welcome to your private aeronaut cabin!

At the Hotel Charles Lindbergh you don't just get a room, here you stay in the cabin of a real aviator - and feel the exciting pulse of Rookburgh by day and night.

Stay the night in your aeronaut cabin as part of the experience package.

Perfectly equipped

True room wonders

As small as the cabins in the hotel are, they are also great room miracles. Full of warm wood and leather, fine brass and metal and everything you need for a restful night: from a wardrobe to two single beds and a private bathroom.

Traces of an aeronaut

As if you were an aeronaut yourself

Ltd. Meyerhopper, Flight Engineer Festerzieher, Skipper Pilot Burburry - they own the cabins and their traces can be discovered everywhere. Among all the certificates and photos, you become a pioneer of aviation yourself!


Discover the whole adventure of Rookburgh

Become an Explorer

Experience Rookburgh in its impressive entirety - as a member of the Explorers' Society! Only those who have checked into the Hotel Charles Lindbergh belong to this special society and enjoy numerous exclusive experiences in the hotel and the theme world.

Only members of the Explorers' Society have access to Hotel Charles Lindbergh and to the Bar 1919

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