Welcome to the Explorers' Society

An exclusive adventure by day and night

Allow me to introduce Lieutenant Gustav Meyerhopper, pilot and honorary chairman of the Explorers' Society - an exclusive society of guests of the Hotel Charles Lindbergh with unique privileges in Rookburgh. I have the honor to show you what exclusive adventures await you as a Hotel-Explorer.

Only members of the Explorers' Society have access to Hotel Charles Lindbergh and the Bar 1919.

Emil Erhardt, world traveller & bon vivant

Eat. Sleep. Fly. Repeat.

Exclusive adventures by day and night

Explorer experience more! The following exclusive experiences at the Hotel Charles Lindbergh and in Rookburgh are incusive for every hotel guest:

Spending the night in aeronaut cabins

You stay in the cabin of a seasoned aeronaut and feel the adventure of aviation all around you.

Boarding Pass Phantasialand

Every stay at the Hotel Charles Lindbergh includes at least 2 days parking experience in Phantasialand per Explorer.

Charles Lindbergh Ticket

This gives every explorer faster access to the Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y. via an exclusive entrance once a day.

Dinner & Breakfast at Restaurant Uhrwerk

A delicious 3 course dinner and delightful breakfast at the Restaurant Uhrwerk re included in the hotel experience exclusively for Explorers.

1919 - Bar. Pub. Destille.

The Bar in Hotel Charles Lindbergh opens exclusively for the Explorers' Society!

Private Boarding Gate to Rookburgh

The Hotel Charles Lindbergh has a private Boarding Gate to Rookburgh – only for Explorers!

Explorers only: The Hotel

The Hotel Charles Lindbergh is open exclusively to the Explorers' Society - only guests with booked cabins have access.

Rookburgh at night

Only as an Explorer you will experience the mysterious illumination and tingling adventure of Rookburgh by night.

F.L.Y. - Der Flying Launch Coaster

F.L.Y. flies right through the middle of the hotel– and right past you! Only the Explorers in the hotel experience such unique perspectives.

Prices for your experience package

We have put together a package for you, full of unique experiences and priceless memories.

1 night
Occupancy Day of arrival Price
Double occupancy Sun–Thu €399
Double occupancy Fri €449
Double occupancy Sat €499
Single occupancy Sun–Thu €295
Single occupancy Fri €333
Single occupancy Sat €348

Price per cabin and stay. During school holidays (across federal states) and on public holidays the prices for arrival day Saturday may apply throughout.

Hotel booking without risk - rebook or cancel free of charge up to 3 days before arrival for bookings up to and including 22 January 2023!

Booking information

Experience for experienced Explorers above the age of 8

At the Hotel Charles Lindbergh you will experience an intense adventure by day and night. Everything is open and very close here and you are right in the center. This experience in designed for more experienced Explorers, not for small children. A overnight stay is possible from the age 8 and up.

Stairs & compact cabins - not barrier-free

Even the paths in the hotel are an adventure: stairs, open arcades and dense passageways lead you to your destination. The compact cabins are also not barrier-free. The Hotel Charles Lindbergh is therefore not suitable for people with walkinf disabilities or wheelchairs.

What you can expect in your adventure package

Your package includes an overnight stay in a real aeronaut cabin, admission to Phantasialand during your entire stay (incl. day of arrival and departure), access to Phantasialand via the private hotel boarding gate, a one time faster access to F.L.Y. with your "Charles Lindbergh Ticket", breakfast as well as a 3-course evening buffet in the Uhrwerk restaurant and exclusive access to the Bar 1919 after closing time.

Payment conditions

The amount of your reservation must be paid in full 21 days before the date of arrival. If there are less than 21 days between your booking and the date of arrival, we ask you to transfer the total amount immediately.

Updated cancellation policy

You may rebook or cancel your booking free of charge up to 3 days before your arrival. Until further notice this applies for arrivals until 22.01.2023.

If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone at +49 (0)2232 36-600

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