Incredible shows

For the whole family

Let yourself be enchanted by artistic, dance and good vibes. At our lovingly staged shows, you will experience moments of dreaming, laughter and wonder with your whole family – in-& outdoors!

The great show entertainment

Daring stunts, emotional songs and hot choreographies bring fun and action into your adventures day! From troll adventures for the little one up to breathtaking jumps by the BMXers and trampolinists: There is a lot going on on your stage.

Musical ghoasts & vivacious artists

Musarteum – The show at witching hour

In the Wintergarten, you experience the grace of aerialists and dancers, the charm of great artists and thrilling live music – up to the big finale, where nothing leaves you on your seat!

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Ice cold choreographies and hot rhythms

Ice College 2020

On the ice rink of the Arena de Fiesta, the sparks are flying. Here, small school yard divas make big jumps and nice nerds streak skillful over the ice. Celebrate a rapid prom on skids together!

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Vibrant beats & daring jumps

JUMP! - Stunts under construction

Things are going round here to thrilling beats, on stage of the Silverado Theatre – on BMX wheels, stilts and the trampoline. Be there, when the basses flood the theatre and experience breathtaking jumps and cool moves!

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The high art of artistic

Asia artistic

Full of grace, strength and fascinating body control the artists from Mongolia take you to a different world, on the open air stage in China Town.

Phantasialand Show Asia Artistik Open-Air-Bühne China
Phantasialand Themenwelt Deep in Africa Miji African Dancers

The rhythm of Africa

Miji African Dancers

The thrilling drum beats, exotic dance and melodic singing treat you to a piece of African tradition. Find yourself instilled with complete joie de vivre at Deep in Africa.

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All the fun of the show for your little ones

Hack & Buddl

At the children’s theatre in Wuze Town, the two cheeky trolls Hack and Buddl will take kids on an adventurous journey of discovery through their mysterious cave – suitable for even our youngest guests.

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Phantasialand Show für Kinder Hack & Buddl Kindertheater

A turbulent treasure hunt in 4D

Pirates in 4D

This extra special film on show at the theatre in Berlin will catapult you right into the heart of a breakneck adventure as the Jolly Roger flies above you – with surprise special effects!

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Overview of all shows
Show Location Theme world
Ice College 2020 Arena de Fiesta Mexico
Musarteum Wintergarten Berlin
JUMP! Silverado Theatre Mexico
Asia Artistik Open-Air-Bühne China Town
Miji African Dancers   Deep in Africa
Hack & Buddl Kindertheater in Wuze Town Fantasy
Pirates in 4D Schauspielhaus Berlin


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