Incredible shows

For the whole family

Let yourself be enchanted by artistic, dance and good vibes. At our lovingly staged shows, you will experience moments of dreaming, laughter and wonder with your whole family – in-& outdoors!

Please note

Due to current developments, our show offer is currently to be understood as provisional and will be coordinated on an ongoing basis. Therefore, changes may occur – even at short notice, if necessary.

High-class live entertainment

Nobis - The long journey from You to Us

A mighty battle between dark and light insignes in the Wintergarten. A gripping show awaits you with breathtaking artistic performances, passionate singing and the hopeful power of community.

Ice cold choreographies & hot rhythms

Ice College

On the ice rink of the Arena de Fiesta, the sparks are flying. Here, small school yard divas make big jumps and nice nerds streak skillful over the ice. Celebrate a rapid prom on skids together!

A turbulent treasure hunt in 4D

Pirates in 4D

This extra special film on show at the theatre in Berlin will catapult you right into the heart of a breakneck adventure as the Jolly Roger flies above you – with surprise special effects!

Overview of all shows
Show Location Theme world
Nobis Wintergarten Berlin
Ice College Arena de Fiesta Mexico
Pirates in 4D Schauspielhaus Berlin


Information for your show visit


Wearing a medical mask is compulsory throughout the show theatre except at your respective seat.


The seats inside the theatre will be assigned to you by our staff. This way, we ensure that a safe distance is kept in all directions.

Exiting the theatre

After the end of the show our stuff will lead you out of the theatre row by row. Please remain in your seat until a staff member asks you to leave.

Guests in a wheelchair

Please register fort the show at least 60 minutes before showtime. You can register at guest relations located at Kaiserplatz. We will accompany you to your seat without waiting time.

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