Incredible shows

For the whole family

Breathtaking artistry. Impressive choreography. Inspiring songs. And stories full of humour and joy: the shows in the Wintergarten and the Arena de Fiesta enchant young and old with great entertainment and great fun - and bring even more fantasy into your day!

High-class live entertainment

Nobis - The long journey from you to us

A mighty battle between dark and light insignes in the Wintergarten. A gripping show awaits you with breathtaking artistic performances, passionate singing and the hopeful power of community.

New in our theatre Wintergarten

Discover our show highlight Nobis

Power, Pirouettes & Personality

Rock on Ice

NEW 2022: Expect it to heat up in the Arena de Fiesta when the rockers arrive! Real guys and cool ladies slither across the ice surface and invite you to a show full of power, pirouettes & personality! Be prepared for dynamic choreographies, fabulous outfits  and rock songs that almost melt the ice...

Strong beats & cool stunts


When deep basses and cool beats pulse in competition, the name says it all in "JUMP!": daring artists jump across the stage in breathtaking stunts, whirl rapidly through the air - and make the Silverado Theatre shake! An action-packed show experience of courage, talent and lots of fun!


Pirates in 4D

This extra special film on show at the theatre in Berlin will catapult you right into the heart of a breakneck adventure as the Jolly Roger flies above you – with surprise special effects!

Overview of all shows
Show Location Theme world
Der goldene Faden Wintergarten Berlin
Alle Jahre wieder... Arena de Fiesta Mexico
Talvia. Ein Wintermärchen. Silverado Theatre Mexico
Pirates in 4D Schauspielhaus Berlin


Show Location Theme world
Nobis Wintergarten Berlin
Rock on Ice Arena de Fiesta Mexico
JUMP! Silverado Theatre Mexico
Pirates in 4D Schauspielhaus Berlin


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