Arctaris – The Hidden World

On dancing blades through ice and snow

The new ice skating show in the Arena de Fiesta

Crystal clear, spherical and full of magic: welcome to Arctaris, an unspoilt world between ice and snow! Here, a mysterious ice people dance on glittering runners through deep blue days and melting desires. Sometimes as elegant as ice crystals, sometimes as fierce as a snowstorm – and always enchanting!

Where dreams dance
on shimmering ice...

A world of light,
video – and ice!



The snowy landscape sparkles in the distance, icy blue rays bathe the ice surface in a dreamlike glow: impressive video projections, a fascinating light show and great melodies create a magical ice world in the Arena de Fiesta – with you right in the centre of it!

The show for all those who love to be enchanted by first-class figure skating in a magical setting of ice and snow.

Notes on the show


Arena de Fiesta in the theme world Mexico.


Approx. 30 minutes.


30 min. before the start of the show. Limited space.

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