Battle of the Best

Hip Hop, Basketball and cool jumps

New show in the Silverado theatre

New York, Brooklyn ... ready for an action-packed battle for glory? The air is shimmering between two cool crews and in the rough backyard it gets to the point: basketball vs. trampoline – who will be the winner in the end? When it comes to groovy tunes and strong beats, one thing gets clear: whether red or blue, both sides have more in common than they think...

A fast-paced show with sporty stunts, hip hop, breakdancing and really cool guys!

A legendary battle
for honour ...

... may the best team win!

Basketball vs. Trampoline



Whether on jumping stilts, with basketballs or on the trampoline: here, sporty fun becomes casual artistry! Dribbling, dunking and jumping – breakdancers and hip-hoppers show their skills here. Each crew wants to prove that they are the best in town ... with speed, stunts and cool moves. This is action. This is rhythm. This is fun for the whole family!

The show for big and young action fans whose hearts beat for hoops, hip hop an cool beats.


Let's get ready

to rumble!



Silverado theatre in the theme world Mexico.


approx. 30 minutes

Our recommendation

Be there 15 minutes before the show begins. Limited space.


It may get loud!

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