One-of-a-kind attractions

Attractions unlike anywhere else in the world

In Phantasialand, you can enjoy over 40 different attractions – each of which is as unique as the worlds that surround them. Here, you don’t just ride on a rollercoaster. You feel the pulse of the park – right in the heart of the adventure – and experience a total of seven world records!

The world’s fastest multi-launch rollercoaster


Intrepid adventurers climb aboard Taron’s back for a nail-biting hunt past the imposing basalt cliffs and through the houses of Klugheim – all while feeling the full force of Earth’s inner power.

Experience Taron

Phantasialand Multi-Launch-Coaster Taron

The log flume with the world’s steepest decent

CHIAPAS – THE log flume ride

Climb aboard your expedition boat in the colourful surroundings of Mexico, celebrate Día de los Muertos in the pumping party cave before venturing into the depths.

Experience Chiapas

Phantasialand Themenwelt Mexico  Wildwasserbahn Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn

The world’s longest VR-coaster

Crazy Bats

Three crazy bats join you as you race, slip and slide through a party in a grand palace. A unique combination of rollercoaster and animated film!

Experience Crazy Bats

Only in Phantasialand

Explore our other award-winning attractions

Explore Africa upside-down, set off on an interactive mouse hunt and put your courage to the test on our indoor spinning coasters Winja’s Fear and Winja’s Force – on our multi-award-winning attractions in Phantasialand!

Multi-award-winning inverted coaster

Black Mamba

In the heart of Africa lurks the queen of the snakes. She’s fast. Very fast. And she’ll launch you head first into the evergreen jungle!

Experience Black Mamba

The world’s fastest family boomerang ride


On our family boomerang coaster Raik, you’ll whizz back and forth through Klugheim, helping to maintain the balance of this mythical village.

Experience Raik

The only bungee drop tower of its kind in the world

Mystery Castle

Break the curse from the legends that surround Mystery Castle and plunge down a 65-metre drop on our bungee drop tower.

Experience Mystery Castle

The only family attraction of its kind in Europe

Maus au Chocolat

On this interactive 3D fun ride, you’ll lend a helping hand to chief exterminator Oskar Koslowski – grab a cream gun as you hunt mice in a cake factory!

Experience Maus au Chocolat

The only suspended top spin ride in Europe


Are you ready to hand yourself over to the powerful god Tlaloc? Then take a spin through his kingdom and experience the impressive power of the elements!

Experience Talocan

The only spinning coaster of its kind in the world

Winja's Fear & Winja's Force

You have two options: Put your courage to the test or conquer the force. No matter which one you choose, you’ll enjoy a thrilling ride under the roofs of Wuze Town.

Experience Winja’s Fear & Force

For the whole family

Incredible experiences for both young and old

Whether you want thrills and spills, an interactive adventure or gentle fun: At Phantasialand, you can enjoy an amazing adventure full of incredible experiences and laughs for the whole family.

A ride like no other


Ride the perfect wave on an exciting journey through the skies on Wellenflug, all while soaking in the sparkling scenes in Berlin!

Experience Wellenflug

Multi-award-winning family adventure

Colorado Adventure

Get together for a speedy ride through the rocky shafts and dark mines on this family rollercoaster and experience the gold rush in the Colorado Mountains!

Experience Colorado Adventure

A surprise package for both young and old


Soak up the views over the Colorado Mountains before the mini free-fall towers start to rise and fall – adrenaline rush guaranteed!

Experience Tikal

Fun house packed full of intricate details

Das verrückte Hotel Tartüff

Join your loved ones to explore our fun house where the world has been turned on its head: the bed is on the ceiling, the floor plays music and the stairs move!

Experience Hotel Tartüff

Monorail through the Wuze Valley

Würmling Express

Enjoy the views over the idyllic Lake Mondsee and the circular lights of Wuze Valley on this journey of discovery!

Experience Würmling Express

Para Tower Wuze Town

Tittle Tattle Tree

The Tittle Tattle Tree in the centre of Wuze Town is THE place to meet its friendly residents. The animal-loving Wuze people often stop here for a chin-wag. Why not do the same – all while gliding up and down in the comfy gondolas.

Experience Tittle Tattle Tree

Double-storey family carousel


Climb onto the back of a horse or sit back in a magnificent carriage as you go for a spin while the sparkling streets of Berlin cast their magical spell.

Experience the Pferdekarussell

Interactive family attraction

Wirtl's Taubenturm

Time to flex your muscles! Pull yourself up to meet the feathery friends of Wuze in Fantasy and soak up the marvellous views!

Experience Wirtl's Taubenturm

Mad house

Feng Ju Palace

This palace is where good encounters evil. Brace yourself for a place where everything you know is turned on its head!

Experience Feng Ju Palace

Europe’s longest underground ghost train

Geister Rikscha

Explore the secretive world of Chinese mythology and teach some extraordinary creatures how to get people screaming.

Experience Geister Rikscha

An ideal adventure for kids

An extra dose of fun for your little ones

At Phantasialand, your children can have a go at delivering post and hunting bees on a frog. Here, you’ll meet six dragons and get up to all sorts of mischief – with our kids’ attractions!

Free like a bird

Der lustige Papagei

On a flight with this hilarious parrot, your little ones will be splitting their sides with enjoyment – while flying through the skies!

Experience Der lustige Papagei

Up and down, over and over

Die fröhliche Bienchenjagd

Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. The frogs in the Wuze Valley are on the hunt for bees! On the back of one our frogs, your kids will hop their way through Wuze Valley – and are sure to come back for more!

Experience Die fröhliche Bienchenjagd

In a real spin

Bolles Riesenrad

Big, big, big! In the magical gondolas on Bolles Riesenrad (Bolle’s big wheel), your kids will turn into explorers in Berlin – and soar above their parents’ heads.

Experience Bolles Riesenrad

Learn to fly

Bolles Flugschule

We’ve all wanted to be pilots at some point right? At Bolles Flugschule (Bolle's School of Flying), your kids will be swept off their feet and transform into pioneers of the air!

Experience Bolles Flugschule

Interactive kids’ carousel

Wolke's Luftpost

Uh-oh! The post is piling up in Wuze! We’re in need of strong adventurers who aren’t afraid to go stomping around and get Wolke's airmail where it needs to go!

Experience Wolke's Luftpost

A carousel for children

Wözl's Duck Washer

Below the rooftops of Wuze Town, your little ones will race against our hilarious ducks – how fast is up to them!

Experience Wözl's Duck Washer

Dodgem car ride for children

Bumper Klumpen

Your kids can take a spin in the gigantic shoes of our beloved Wuze – and get behind the wheel for the very first time!

Experience Bumper Klumpen

Mini free-fall tower

Wupi's Wabi Wipper

Kids! Let your legs swing back and forth and enjoy the gentle drop on this free-fall ride! Put your courage to the test on our mini free-fall tower!

Experience Wupi's Wabi Wipper
Other family and kids attractions

Hollywood Tour
Set off on a one-of-a-kind river trip and get up close and personal with the stars of the Hollywood dream factory.

Find out more about the attraction


Djembe Musikschule
Get the feel for African vibes and join in with the drumming from West Africa.


Wirtl's Erlebnishöhle
This bouncy castle guarantees fun and action for children from 3 to 6 up to a maximum height of 1.45 metres.


Wabi's Krabbelinsel
Children between the ages of 0 and 3 and up to 1.45 metres in height will go on a journey of discovery here.