Deep in Africa – Adventure Trail

The interactive adventure attraction in the heart of Africa

Experience Africa – first hand, from a brand new perspective: Quench your thirst for adventure on the Deep in Africa – Adventure Trail! Venture deep into the kingdom of the Black Mamba on this interactive journey in the heart of the jungle: Balance intrepidly over shaky bridges while the Queen of the Serpents darts in the shadows. Scale rocky cliffs and sunny huts... And soak up the magic of this incredible adventure with every step!



Awaken the intrepid explorer inside and throw yourself into the challenges of the Adventure Trail: Tackle swinging bridges over deep canyons. Spring nimbly over stepping stones through a roaring river. Clamber high above an African village. Venture deep into a mysterious cave... your thirst for adventure is the key to completing this trail – and the journey is the reward!



On the Deep in Africa – Adventure Trail, you will find yourself truly surrounded by the magic of Africa for the very first time. See the themed world in a brand new light. Soak up incredible views of Black Mamba as it hisses past. Savour the rich scents of the deep green jungle. Listen to the sounds of the wilderness. Feel the warmth of the rocky cliffs. Meet Kroka in his new lodge. And take all your senses on a journey deep into the heart of the jungle!

Kroka's Lodge

A very special ending

Through jungle, canyon, village and grotto, your adventurous journey leads to a destination that deserves a special place in your heart: Kroka's new lodge - full of colourful dragon life! Between a flickering stove and a cosy bunk, your African adventure comes to a crowning conclusion here together with the cheerful dragon.

Attraction Highlights


Complete immersion
Jungle and village, Black Mamba and bridges; everything blends into one – and you are at the heart of it all. Only in Phantasialand!!

In the heart of Africa
Deep in the jungle, on the banks of the roaring river or high up in the village: The trail’s views over the African themed world are unique!

The Black Mamba in your neck
Where and when will the hissing serpent appear next? No where else can you get so up-close and personal with the Inverted Coaster.


A passion for detail
Hand-crafted masks, exotic wall hangings, intricate carvings: The magic of Africa is brought to life in countless careful details.

A new adventure every time
Interactive and individual: Everyone takes their own path, swinging, jumping and climbing round the trail – resulting in a new adventure every time.

An immersive experience
Roaring lions and howling moneys, whistling winds and mysterious lights – hear, see and feel the immersive adventure with all your senses.

An adventure for everyone
Intrepid explorers, inquisitive little adventurers or experienced voyagers with a number of expeditions under their belts – the Adventure Trail is an attraction for everyone to enjoy!

Kroka's Lodge
The crowning finale: a cheerful meet & greet with Dragon Kroka to dance, laugh and marvel together in his new cozy lodge!

Germany’s Best New Attraktion 2022!
parkscout|plus Award (Rank 1)

Experience Deep in Africa – Adventure Trail all year round in summer and Wintertraum!

Terms of use

Children below the minimum height of 0.90 m as well as children under 3 years of age are not permitted.

Children between a height of 0.90 m and 1.20 m and between 3 and 6 years must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

Persons above a height of 1.20 m and children above 6 years of age are permitted.



¹ Please note that there may be temporary closures of the outdoor attractions in the event of extreme weather conditions.


Theme world Deep in Africa


Between jungle & village

The marketplace is a place of cheerful drumming and dancing. Colourful street shops are waiting to be discovered. And while young and old conquer the heart of the wilderness on the Adventure Trail, the Black Mamba rushes by.

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