Multi-launch rollercoaster in the Mystery park

The need for speed

Taron – a ride synonymous with high-speed thrills and a pure adrenaline rush. Designed by a team of smarty pants to fuel the mystical village of Klugheim with the power of the Earth’s core, the multi-launch rollercoaster catapults you rounds it winding tracks and onto a whole new level of fun!

World records & facts
  • Fastest Multi-Launch Coaster in the World!
  • Most intensive catapult-drive (LSM) in the world!
  • In its design the longest Multi-Launch-Coaster in the world!
  • 58 rail intersections, these are 116 crossings in the track layout – World record!
  • 2 catapult starts, guearantee for a double portion of adrenalin!
  • Extreme intertwine Highspeed-Layout with Airtime-Hills, direction change and Near-Miss-Effects!

Taron has already received multiple national and international awards – including Europe’s best steel rollercoaster and the best themed attraction!

Terms of use


People below the minimum height of 1.30 m are not permitted.


Children between 1.30 m and 1.40 m height must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Children above 1.40 m height are permitted.

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