Multi-launch coaster in the themed world Mystery

A new level of riding fun

So mystical, so powerful, so magical: Through glowing red mist and gloomy canyons, Taron rushes in the winter darkness. Race up close through dark rock massifs and brightly lit houses - and you'll be right in the middle of the magic of Klugheim in winter. Taron catapults you into a ride experience that is unique in the world - and you feel the consummate unity of coaster and theme world as your heart pulses with Taron's wintry beat. Adrenaline rush included!

The Coaster-Highlights

What makes Taron so unique?

Pure thrill

Taron races hairpin through rocks and houses. These "near miss effects" are extremely close - and extremely exciting!

Complete immersion

The coaster completely merges with the themed world of Klugheim - something you can only find at Phantasialand!

The pulse of winter

Rush through glowing red gorges and push through the mists of Klugheim in the rush of speed: In winter, TARON is even more fascinating, even more dramatic!

Discover more highlights

"Rail Spaghetti"
Extremely winding track layout. 116 times the rails cross during the ride - world record!

Ride experience deluxe

Customized seats and trains provide maximum freedom and comfort

Double power

Taron has the most intense catapult launch in the world and even two of them throughout the ride

Endless riding pleasure

In its design, Taron is the longest multi-launch coaster in the world

Absolute Highspeed
Fastest multi-launch coaster in the world


Experts and guests agree: Taron is unique! Numerous national and international awards have already been presented to the multi-launch coaster - including Europe's best steel roller coaster and best themed attraction!

Europe's best steel coaster 2023!
Parkscout|Plus Expert-Award (Rank 1)
Favourite roller coaster 2023!
Parkscout Publikums Award (Rank 1)

Discover Klugheim

Experience Taron all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum - ride fun at up to -10°!¹

Terms of use

Guests under 1.30 m tall are not allowed to ride.

Children between 1.30 m and 1.40 m tall may only ride accompanied by an adult.

Guests over 1.40 m tall may ride unaccompanied.



¹ Please understand that temporary closures of outdoor attractions may occur in the event of extreme weather conditions.



Terms of Use and Safety Instructions


Explanation of the possibility of use

"Taron" is a very fast roller coaster with many changes of direction. Here, among other things, the catapult drive causes strong jolts and sudden movements, which can result in an aggravation of back, neck and spine problems.

Individuals with circulatory conditions may experience severe dizziness and nausea on this roller coaster, individuals with heart disease may experience an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Use of the attraction may also adversely affect pregnancy.

Holding on is necessary during the ride in order to compensate or intercept the fast and sudden movements. Passengers with casts or amputations in the upper body are at increased risk of neck and back injuries.

Use of the attraction is therefore not possible for these groups of people. However, even healthy visitors can experience tension in the neck area after using the roller coaster, as this must be strongly tensed to compensate for the rapid movement during the entire ride time.

People who suffer from severe claustrophobia may experience discomfort or even panic attacks in this attraction.

The queuing aisles are very long and some are located outdoors. Longer waits may occur on busy days. Neither the entrance nor the exit of this attraction are barrier-free and therefore cannot be accessed with a wheelchair.

Evacuation of the roller coaster takes place via three emergency exits at which the trains stop. From the emergency exits, several stairs have to be climbed in some cases to get back to station level. Persons with visual or walking impairments may experience difficulties here. According to the authors, there are no additional risks for the hearing impaired, provided they are accompanied by a hearing person who can assist with communication in an emergency. Evacuation outside the offloading points is very unlikely, but cannot be ruled out. Such an evacuation poses an increased risk, especially to physically and mentally disabled persons. Therefore, use by the walking and visually impaired is not possible. Mentally disabled persons should be responsive and accompanied.

Use is not possible for guests with epilepsy and fear of heights.

When you visit, contact the guest relations department at Kaiserplatz. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and receive the corresponding "Use and Waiver Agreement", which must be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2018
Subject to errors and changes.

Here you will find Taron


You can find the multi-launch coaster Taron immediately on our interactive park-guide - and from there you can stroll through Mystery and all our other themed worlds!

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