Winja's Fear & Winja's Force

Double Indoor Spinning Coaster in the theme world Fantasy


The mysterious Wuze people have always put their strength and courage to the test on two unique indoor spinning coasters. Do the same and dare the fun ride with Winja's Fear & Force. You'll notice: every ride is different – and it always goes really fast over the heads of the Wuze!

Experience Winja's Fear & Force all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum!

Terms of use


Persons below the minimum height of 1.20 m and above 2.00 m as well as children under 6 years are not permitted.


Children between a height of 1.20 m and 1.40 m and between 6 and 10 years must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Persons above a height of 1.40 m and children above 10 years are permitted.

PDF overview


Theme world FANTASY



World of the Wuze

Imagination and children's happiness are at home here – and the Wuze people with their lovingly tended vegetable patches and colourful little houses on Lake Mondsee. A world as cheerful as its hopping frogs and as peaceful as an excursion into the countryside.

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