Emilie's Chocoladen- & Candy-Werkstatt

Rookburgh's land of plenty

"A day without candy or chocolate is a sad day!"
Says Emilie and invites you to discover her workshop. Nibble on the tempting variety of the candy world, be seduced by live made chocolate - and enjoy the sweet side of Rookburgh!

In chocolate heaven

The world of chocolate

Handmade, tender melting - and simply delightful. Enjoy wonderful chocolates refined with nuts, fruits, coffee beans and even pepper. Or all the splendor of Rookburgh poured into chocolate. Who can resist that?

The toppings-enhanced chocolate can be purchased as broken chocolate or as a smaller hand-sized "wafer."


Experience sweet craftsmanship live

Homemade chocolate

Experience up close how delicious chocolate is made! In her show workshop, Emilie pours the best raw chocolates from all over the world into delicately melting wheels and finishes them up with a wide variety of toppings. That's real sweet craft!

From the finest chocolates with lots of cocoa, delicious souvenirs are created live here.


New now - to take away

Chocolate creams to take home

Four irresistible varieties invite you to a rendezvous ... for your home! With our homemade chocolate creams - melt-in-the-mouth memories from our own factory - you can take your fantastic feeling of indulgence home with you.

Candy to fill up by yourself

The Great Colorful Candy World

With imposing columns full of delicious candies, Emilie welcomes Rookburgh foodies. Here, everyone can mix their own favorite sweet treats. Wine gum or foam fruit, jelly beans or cow candies - or maybe a little bit of everything?

Emilie's cow candies are small milk caramels produced exclusively for Rookburgh in differernt flavors.

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