Sparkling sea of light

Glittering winter worlds

Festive glitter, mysterious illuminations and cheerful twinkling: millions of lights shine throughout Phantasialand in the Wintertraum and transform our themed worlds into glowing winter worlds - each with its own wintry magic for unforgettable moments to marvel at and enjoy!

Festive sparkle

Themed world berlin

A sea of light

The magnificent street sparkles in gold. The splendid houses glow in a warm shine. And on the fantastically decorated Kaiserplatz, the imposing tree of lights towers over the glittering ice surface: all of Berlin envelops you in the festive glow of winter!

Majestic splendour

Themed world China Town

Magnificant mythical creatures

A whole sea of floating lanterns shimmers warmly. Magical glitter envelops the Hotel Ling Bao. Two giant dragons watch colourfully bright over their lotus palace. And the mythical phoenix shines magnificently from the pagodas: immerse yourself in the fairytale glamour of Far Eastern magic in wintry China Town!


Mystical glow

Themed world Mystery / Klugheim

Flickering lanterns

The light of the moon gently lays on the mighty basalt rocks. Red mist wafts through the dark gorges. And the cosy glow of flickering lanterns fills the quaint village square: In Klugheim and Mystery, a mystical glow illuminates the wintry darkness - and penetrates deep into the heart!

Atmospheric light safari

Themed world Deep in Africa

Luminous animals and glowing fire

Warm fires bathe the earthy huts in a cosy glow. Colourful and cheerful sparkles the Hotel Matamba. Shining lions watch over the wintry jungle, while elephants, monkeys and giraffes shine brightly from dark gorges: Deep in Africa invites you to the atmospheric light safari in the Wintertraum!


Fascinating luminescence

Mysterious illuminations

Rookburgh by night

Mysterious illuminations fill the new themed world, bathing zeppelins and machines in a colourful glow. Billowing fog covers the mystical glow of the Hotel Charles Lindbergh - and suddenly F.L.Y. whizzes through the darkness! In winter, Rookburgh becomes a new adventure in the evening: even more fascinating, even more intense - and even more unique!

Cosy shimmer

Themed world Mexico

Pleasant glow

Like a setting sun, a pleasant glow settles over friendly Mexico. It shines warmly from the rocks and surrounds the cosy Restaurante Cocorico - until suddenly Chiapas breaks through the winter evening! For the first time, the water ride also runs in the dark and invites you to a unique expedition in evening Mexico!

Imaginative glitter

Themed world Fantasy

Colorful berries of light

Colourful, countless light berries shimmer all over Fantasy and fill the world of the Wuze with imaginative glow. Iridescent spheres float on the Moon Lake. Even the moon shines cheerfully over Wuze Town - as bright as children's eyes!

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