Discover a new world

An experience beyond your imagination

White steam rises from the streets. A revolutionary flying machine majestically spirals into the sky. In the distance, the pounding of machines sounds:
The pulse of Rookburgh awakes!

Here, the Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y., the Hotel Charles Lindbergh and the world of Rookburgh merge into a perfect unity - and you are right in the middle of it. A unique experience by day and night!

Emerge into a new world

Experience Rookburgh

The dream of flying comes true!

Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y.

A great dream. A revolutionary flying machine. A unique adventure: With F.L.Y. the dream of flying comes true! Free and easy you conquer the skies. You breeze breathtakingly close through Rookburgh and the Hotel Charles Lindbergh - and experience the feeling of truly flying for the first time!

Technology and the riding experience were revolutionized with F.L.Y. and an experience was created that the world has never seen before.

In the center of Rookburgh's heart

Hotel Charles Lindbergh

Spectacular views, astonishing aeronaut cabins and exclusive adventures: become a true Explorer at the Hotel Charles Lindbergh! Only here you are in the center of Rookburgh's heart, only here you can get as close as no other to the skystormer F.L.Y. An exclusive experience by day and night.

The Hotel Charles Lindbergh completely merges with the Flying Launch Coaster F.L.Y. and the world of Rookburgh - this is unique worldwide.


Homemade, Handmade, Unique!

True craft of delight

Homemade recipes, the best ingredients, global aromas - the delight in Rookburgh is boundless.Whether homemade sauces and dips on Rook-Burgers, traditional Pilot's Pasta, handmade chocolate or unique taste combinations - this is the taste of true craftmanship!

With much passion and creativity specially created delicacies make the delight in Rookburgh unique.

The adventure of a lifetime

Become an Explorer

Pack your bags - and a portion of curiosity - and become an Explorer of Rookburgh! Fly like nobody has ever flown before. Spend the night like a true aeronaut. And experience a breathtaking world...

Discover the whole adventure of Rookburgh