Black Mamba

Inverted Coaster in the themed world Deep in Africa

Queen of the snakes

At lightning speed, the Black Mamba winds its way through the evergreen jungle. And it has bite! Zip through dark gorges, up close and past jagged rocks, headfirst through the wilderness - and experience how the queen of snakes becomes one with the magical spirit of the Deep in Africa theme world. With you right in the middle of it!

The Highlights of this Inverted Coaster

This is what makes Black Mamba so unique

Special riding experience
In suspended seats - underneath instead of on top of the rail - it goes through the African jungle at lightning speed with dangling legs

Fully embedded
With a ferocious bite, the Black Mamba zips through the middle of Deep in Africa and becomes the pulsating heart of the theme world - only at Phantasialand!

Incredibly close

10 extreme "near miss" effects will get hearts pounding as the coaster whizzes a hair's breadth past rocks and waterfalls

Discover more highlights

Riding fun with bite
On its fast-paced ride, the Black Mamba combines the most exciting riding maneuvers into pure thrills

Completely detached
True weightlessness occurs during the Zero-G roll - overhead!

Headfirst into adrenaline
With looping and corkscrew, the world turns upside down a whole four times on the Black Mamba

Disoriented happiness
Fast turns, tight corners, high up & low down - the track layout of the Black Mamba is exceptionally versatile

Rhythm in the blood
Booming drums, wild animals and the sound of the jungle accompany the queen of snakes and make the experience Africa complete


The Black Mamba is not only the queen of snakes, it has also been crowned coaster-queen several times – for example as one of the best themed attractions in Germany!

Germany's best themed attraction 2023
Parkscout|Plus Experten-Award (Rank 2)

Experience Black Mamba all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum - riding fun at up to -5°

Terms of use

Guests under 1.40 m or over 1.95 m tall and children under 10 years of age are not allowed to ride.

Guests between 1.40 m and 1.95 m tall and children over 10 years of age are allowed to ride.



¹ Please understand that temporary closures of outdoor attractions may occur in the event of extreme weather conditions.



Terms of use and safety instructions


Explanation of the possibility of use

In the roller coaster "Black Mamba" there is a loop and high accelerations. Due to the forces acting on the body in combination with free-hanging legs, people with back, neck and spinal disorders may experience an aggravation of their complaints. Guests with circulatory disorders may experience severe dizziness and nausea on this roller coaster, and persons with heart disease may experience an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Use of the attraction may also have a negative impact on pregnancy. Therefore, the use of the attraction is not possible for these groups of people.

It is necessary or at least advisable to hold on during the ride in order to compensate for the sudden ride movements and rollovers. Passengers with plaster casts or amputations in the upper body area increase the risk of injuries in the neck and back area. Therefore, users of this attraction should be able to hold on with at least one hand.

People who suffer from severe claustrophobia may experience discomfort in the queuing aisles.

The waiting aisles are very long and are partly outdoors. However, the outdoor waiting areas are not fully protected against sunlight or rain, so that not only mental but also physical stress can occur here during longer waiting times.

An evacuation of the roller coaster takes place either in the station or at the elevator. First, people have to get out of their seats with the help of pedestals. From the emergency exits, depending on the position, several stairs have to be climbed to get back to station level. Persons with visual or walking impairments may experience difficulties here. It is therefore not possible for these groups of people to use the attraction. There are no additional risks for the hearing impaired, provided they are accompanied by a hearing person who can assist with communication in an emergency.

Use is not possible for guests with epilepsy, fear of heights and fear of space.

When you visit, contact the guest relations service at Kaiserplatz. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and receive the corresponding "Use and Waiver Agreement", which must be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2018
Errors and changes excepted.

Theme world Deep in Africa


Between jungle & village

The marketplace is a place of cheerful drumming and dancing. Colourful street shops are waiting to be discovered. And while young and old conquer the heart of the wilderness on the Adventure Trail, the Black Mamba rushes by.

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