Bolles Flugschule

Interactive children’s carousel in theme world Berlin

Where kids become pilots!

Slowly but surely, your children will take off and float through the Berlin air. Whether they’re in a plane or a Zeppelin, they glide up and down and round and round – it’s up to them to decide how high they go!

Experience Bolles Flugschule all year long in summer as well as in Wintertraum!

Terms of use

Children below 1.00 m height
must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


Children above 1.00 m height are permitted.

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Theme world Berlin


Phantasialand Themenwelt Berlin Kaiserplatz


The golden years of 1920s

Artful shop windows, magnificent stucco and a dreamlike sea of blossoms: in Golden Berlin the 1920s come to life – and strolling and enjoying becomes a real experience!

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