Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn

Whitewater Course in the themed world Mexico

On an adventurous expedition

Go on an expedition in the middle of Mexico: Your adventurous ride takes you through mysterious Mayan ruins, lush plants and a colorful fiesta - until it suddenly goes down...steeply! On Chiapas you will experience the steepest descent of a water ride worldwide - and a fusion of attraction and themed world like only Phantasialand can offer!



The Highlights of this whitewater course

What makes Chiapas so unique?

Absolute riding fun
More than 6 minutes of fun and action on five levels with three descents - one of them backwards!

Steepest descent
At the end, it's an exciting 53° downhill - on the steepest descent of any water ride in the world!

Unique design

Ancient artifacts, exotic plants and colorful caves - Chiapas is as elaborately designed as a themed ride

Discover more highlights

The heart of Mexico

Chiapas rushes right through the middle of Mexico and fully unites with the theme world - this can only be found at Phantasialand!

Intoxicating music
With the specially composed soundtrack recorded by the Budapest Film Orchestra, the earworm is guaranteed!

Swiftly upwards
Modern double chain lifts pull the boats up smoother and faster than other water rides

Suddenly the other way around

As smoothly and swiftly as never before, specially developed high-speed switches change the direction of travel twice

Briefly feel weightless thanks to Europe's only camelback hill in a water ride - that's usually only found on roller coasters!

Magnetically braked
Chiapas stops by magnetic brakes instead of water resistance - this is more comfortable and usually less wet

Several awards

As immersive and fun as no other water ride: Chiapas has already received several national and international awards - among others as Europe's best water attraction and best themed attraction in Germany!

Europe's best water ride 2023!
Parkscout|Plus Expert-Award (Rank 1)
favourite water ride 2023!
Parkscout Publikums Award (Rank 1)
Germany's best themed ride 2023!
Parkscout|Plus Expert-Award (Rank 3)

Phantasialand Themenwelt Mexico  Wildwasserbahn Chiapas – DIE Wasserbahn

Experience Chiapas - DIE Wasserbahn all year round in summer as well as in Wintertraum - riding fun at up to -5°

Terms of use

Guests under 1.20 m tall are not allowed to ride.

Children between 1.20 m and 1.30 m tall may only ride accompanied by an adult.

Persons over 1.30 m tall may ride unaccompanied.



¹ Please understand that temporary closures of outdoor attractions may occur in the event of extreme weather conditions.



Terms of use and safety instructions


Explanation of the possibility of use

In the water ride "Chiapas" there is a stand-up barrier, so that the risk of unauthorized standing up and falling out is reduced to a minimum. The more likely hazards that can arise in this water ride in normal circumstances are jerky movements and vibrations during the ride, which can be a burden especially for users with spine, intervertebral disc and back damage. In particular, people with heart and circulatory problems can experience dizziness and nausea or an aggravation of their complaints due to the very rapid, sometimes unexpected course of the ride. The fast-paced ride can also have a negative effect on pregnancy, and the stand-up lock can continue to press uncomfortably on the abdomen. Therefore, the use of the attraction is not possible for this group of people.

To compensate for the rapid movements, you should be able to hold on with both hands. Passengers with plaster casts or amputations in the upper body area are at increased risk of neck and back injuries, as they are unable to compensate for the sudden movements or support themselves. It is therefore not possible for this group of people to use the attraction.

For the hearing impaired, however, there are no additional risks if their sense of balance is intact and they are accompanied by a hearing person who can assist with communication.

Although the staging in the form of lasers, colored lights, fog and loud music does not usually pose any increased danger, it can trigger discomfort due to sensory overload in people with mental illnesses or disabilities. In addition, seizures can be triggered in epileptics. It is therefore not possible for these groups of people to use the attraction.

Although the exit of "Chiapas" is barrier-free and can be approached by wheelchair, the boats do not stop in the station for boarding and disembarking. People with limited mobility or balance problems are at risk of falling and injury here.

Use is not possible for persons with epilepsy, fear of heights and fear of space.

Depending on the exit position, evacuation from the facility is via several steep stairways and/or very narrow corridors that require at least normal mobility. Visually impaired persons are at risk of falling into the water basin when exiting. In addition, the ceiling heights of the emergency exits in the interior areas are very low in some cases, so that adult visitors can bump their heads here. Use by the walking and visually impaired is therefore not possible. Mentally handicapped persons should be approachable and accompanied.

Contact the guest relations service at Kaiserplatz during your visit. There you will be informed in detail about the factors of use and receive the corresponding "Use and Waiver Agreement", which must be filled out, signed and countersigned on site with your personal data.

Status: 02/2018
Errors and changes excepted.

Theme world Mexico



Sun in your heart

Magnificent flowers and cacti line the sun-tanned rocks. The air is filled with the aroma of tapas, only the colourful market is still having a siesta. A theme world like a summer holiday!

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