CHIAPAS - THE log flume ride

A wild water ride in Mexico

On an exhilarating expedition

Between the thundering waterfalls and exotic plants of Mexico, you will experience an action-packed trip through a Mexican archaeological site, uncovering ancient artefacts and enjoying one-of-a-kind ride features – all the way up to the 53° drop, the steepest log flume descent in the world!


Chiapas has already received multiple national and international awards – including Europe’s best water attraction and Germany’s best themed attraction!

Terms of use


Children below the height of 1.20 m are not permitted.


Children between 1.20 m and 1.30 m height must be accompanied by a super- vising adult.
The child has to be seated directly in front of the accompanying person.


Children above 1.30 m height are permitted.

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